29th September, 2017

Will Doom Bots Ever Return To LoL?

In 2014 a new game mode called Doom Bots took over Summoner’s Rift. This unique game mode featured plenty of action and unique challenges for players to overcome. With fans loving the game mode so much, Riot spent a lot of time tweaking various aspects of it. Over the years, Doom Bots has continually been updated to include new skins, new champions and new difficulties to make the game mode super addicting.

Today Doom Bots is one of the most popular game modes but is also the rarest. With appearances being limited to once or twice a year, how long will you have to wait for it to return?

We ask the question: will Doom Bots return to League of Legends for Halloween in 2017? Or do we have to wait a bit longer to slay that evil Teemo again!

But before we answer that question, let's take a look at the short history of Doom Bots and how it’s changed over the years.

The History Of Doom Bots

Doom Bots, also known as Doom Bots of Doom and in some cases; the Teemoing, was first released in 2014. The game mode has a unique challenge in which an army of bots attacks the player's base throughout the game. As time goes on, the bots become harder and harder making it tricky for players to hold them off. Eventually either the bots destroy the player’s Nexus or they summon a mega minion which must be slain to win.

Over the years this game mode has had various alterations made as Riot has tweaked and tuned the experience for players. Originally players had to attack the bot’s base while being bombarded with AOE attacks and abilities. However, in recent years (such as 2016) the bots focusing on attacking the players base while they try to protect their Nexus. Eventually as the waves get harder and harder, the bots summon a huge Teemo boss that must be killed in order to win the game.

To make things more of a challenge for players, Riot also introduced several game difficulties which ranged from easy to extremely hard. In order to unlock the hardest one, players had to complete all of the previous difficulties below it. Riot also made a leader board that showed how far certain parties had managed to get and who reached the highest wave. As you can probably guess, it was a very competitive matter.

Just in case you never got the chance to play Doom Bots the Teemoing, or forgot how awesome it was, here’s a quick video of the game mode.

Doom Bots Rewards

Throughout the many releases of Doom Bots there have been plenty of rewards Riot have given away for completing certain difficulties. In the most recent version, players who completed any difficulty of Doom Bots unlocked an exclusive Little Devil Teemo icon which they can show off to their friends.

In addition to the rewards available, Riot also released a set of rare skins and icons that were removed after the event was over. The rare skins included:

All of these skins are now legacy which makes them super rare. As of today Little Devil Teemo is still a fan favorite and is heavily sought after. If you missed out and want to add him to your skin collection the be sure to check out our LoL Skin Shop.

Will Doom Bots Return

doom bots even skins

So far we haven’t heard anything about Doom Bots coming back to the rift for Halloween in 2017. Last year when they tweaked Doom Bots to make the Teemoing, the game was put on the PBE a few weeks prior to being released. Since that particular game mode has already been live twice in the past, it’s unlikely that they’ll need to put it on the PBE again. This means that in theory, they could just add it to the weekly rotation game during the week of Halloween.This would most likely be a big surprise for most players as they’ll be able to keep it on the low down.

However, the Harrowing is known for its exclusive skins that are released every year. The chances are that if Riot do decide to release Doom Bots for Halloween then they’ll probably include some new skins. Since almost every new skin gets released on the PBE first, this could be a good sign as to whether Doom Bots will return. If there happens to be some kind of Halloween skins released, then the chances are they’ll try to incorporate them into the Doom Bots game mode.

If we don’t see Doom Bots return for the 2017 Harrowing, then the next time it could return would be in May of 2018. This was around the same time Doom Bots returned in 2017 after Halloween had finished. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t return for either of those dates, then you’ll have to cross your fingers for a 2018 Halloween return!

Overall it's likely to come back within the upcoming months. After all, when Riot spends months making a game mode, they don't just use it once and throw it away. Instead, they constantly tweak them and give players something new and challenging every time.

We hope you’re as excited as Doom Bots coming back to the rift. Keep your eyes peeled for any announcements and don’t forget to unlock those exclusive skins and icons.

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