8th March, 2017

Our New Pro League of Legends Guides Hit the Store

Everyone wants to get better at League of Legends, but very few want to put in the time and effort.

To help you become better at League of Legends we’ve teamed up with some professional players to bring you some detailed and awesome champion guides.

Why listen to some Silver 5 scrub online when you can learn straight from a Challenger!

With 11 guides covering a range of different champions from Thresh to Fiora, we have guides for all of your favorite champions.

Hitting the store for only $10 each, these guides cost less than a legendary skin! If you want to learn from the pros on how they climb the ranks, then now you can.

Written by a range of Challenger players who each specialize in a particular champion, the guides include everything you’ve ever wanted to know about:

  • Summoners spells

  • Masteries & Runes

  • Item builds

  • Ability level sequences

  • Tips and tricks

  • In game strategies

  • Champion matchup appendix

  • Quick reference tables

To view some of our awesome guides, click on the champions below to find out more about the author and what’s included. We’re sure you’ll love reading them and watching your rank increase!

fiora guide info

lee sin guide info

illaoi guide skin

poppy guide info

lissandra guide info

master yi guide info

yasuo guide info

thresh guide info

gangplank guide info

nami guide info


View our Challenger guides!

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