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The Rarest LoL Skins

Richard Heimer

16 th  June 2016

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The Rarest LoL Skins

With so many skins in League of Legends it’s hard to know which ones are rare and which ones are common. The chances are you already own some skins on your account but do you know how rare they are? We’ve scoured the LoL universe to find the rarest LoL skins you can own. So which exactly are the rarest LoL skins?

PAX Twisted Fate

Pax Twisted Fate Rare League of Legends Skin

This skin was given out at the 2009 PAX event via skin codes. For a period of time after the event players would sell the skin codes on eBay for $350 or more. Due to the popularity of the skin many players wanted it and were willing to pay ridiculous prices for the skin.

With only 50,000 people attending the PAX event in 2009 this is considered one of the rarest LoL skin in the game. Eventually Riot decided to disable skin codes which only increased the skins rarity. Currently the skin is not available unless you buy an account with it already redeemed. Due to the cool style and appearance of this skin this is still one of the most popular skins today.

Grey Warwick

Rare League of Legends Grey Warwick

Originally released back in 2009 during the initial launch of the game this skin was used as an incentive for players to get their friends playing. This skin required 50 referrals from the Riot refer a friend program which is no longer available and was removed in September 2015.

It is thought that a few thousand people managed to get this skin after referring their friends to the game. Today it is considered a rare skin as a lot of people from the release don't play or use the account it was on. It’s still possible to purchase an account with the skin already redeemed on it but for now that's the only way to obtain this skin.

Black Alistar

Rare Skin League of Legends Black Alistar

This skin definitely deserves a spot on our rarest LoL skins list as it was one of the first skins ever made. This rare skin was bundled in with pre-orders of the League of Legends collector's edition before its release.

From pre-order statistics it’s thought that around 65,000 people received this skin from pre-orders. When Riot disabled the redemption of skin codes in 2014 this skin became even rarer. Currently like many of the skins on this list, the only way to get it is to buy an account with the skin already redeemed. The uniqueness and colour of the skin makes it a fan favourite with people constantly trying to obtain it.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank League of Legends Skin

Actually considered one of the worst skins by many players, this skin was almost identical to the original Blitzcrank skin. Released back in 2009 the skin itself is an exact copy of the original with added rust in areas. The skin was available for a short time in the store but due to it being so low quality not a lot of people purchased it.

You might have actually seen this skin in game but not noticed due to it looking so similar to the original skin. Although it is considered one of the rarest LoL skins it’s not exactly the best one on our list. But despite this if you do own it make sure you tell everyone in game!

Vancouver Amumu

Rare League of Legends skin Vancouver Amumu

This skin was released way back in 2010 to celebrate the Winter Vancouver Olympics. Due to League of Legends being fairly new back then there wasn’t a huge number of people playing at the time. The chances are you’ve never actually seen this skin in game due to the rarity of it.

It’s estimated that around 25,000 or less accounts actually own this skin making it a very rare skin in its own right. The only way to get this skin today is to purchase an account from a LoL skin seller such as ourselves.

Medieval Twitch

League of Legends Medieval Twitch

This super rare skin is considered the rarest skin in the game by many people. The skin itself was a reward for referring players to the game. Players who referred over 350 players to the game received this skin as a reward. Very few accounts actually managed to achieve this and there are only a few in existence with the skin.

With the removal of the refer a friend program in September 2015, this skin is currently impossible to obtain. The only way to get this skin is to buy an account with the skin already on it. There is thought to be probably less than a handful of accounts out there. All these factors combined make it number 1 on our list of the rarest LoL skins.

If you own any of these skins then congratulations, you have a rare LoL skin. If you don’t own any and would like to own one then be sure to visit our store below. We have a wide range of skin accounts with a whole range of rare LoL skins available. Click below to check out our skin shop now!

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