11th October, 2017

The End Of Season 7 Rewards Have Finally Been Announced

With the end of Season 7 fast approaching, all eyes are set on the end of season rewards and what gifts players will be receiving. Having been kept in secrecy for the entire year, the rewards have finally been announced!

To get you ready for the end of Season 7, we’re taking a look at all of the rewards and what you need to unlock them. From the new Victorious skin to the new portrait borders, here’s all the end of Season 7 goodies you can look forward too.

Ranked Rewards

The end of Season 7 will take place on the 7th November, when players will receive rewards based on their current ranking.

Like every season in the past, players must reach at least Gold division or above in order to unlock all of the rewards. Here’s what you’ll unlock based on your highest ranking:


  • Profile insignia
  • Summoner icon


  • Profile insignia
  • Summoner icon
  • Loading screen border
  • Victorious ward skin


  • Profile insignia
  • Summoner icon
  • Loading screen border
  • Victorious ward skin
  • Victorious Graves skin

Now you know what’s up for grabs, let’s take a closer look at each of the individual rewards. First up is the profile insignia.

Profile Insignia

Season 7 Rewards Insignia

The first end of season reward that players will receive is the profile insignia. Gifted to players who receive a ranked rating of at least Bronze (so basically everyone), this profile insignia will give your profile some much-needed swag.

This reward will last all of next season which you can show off to all of your friends. At the end of the next season it will be removed, and hopefully, you’ll replace it with an even better one!

Summoner Icon

Summoner icons are the bread and butter of end of season rewards. They’re not exactly impressive or useful in game, but everyone wants to add a new one to their already large collection.

This year there is a new fresh set of summoner icons hitting the Rift with one per tier / queue combination. For the in-game icons, you can earn up to a total of 3 to show off to your friends. Although remember, since you can only display 1 at a time it’s no big deal if you only end up with 1.

Loading Screen Border

Season 7 Rewards Border

The loading screen border will be gifted to anyone who receives a ranked rating of Silver or above. Not only will this border show your friends you’re not a noob, but it will also scale accordingly to the highest rank you achieve.

Victorious Ward Skin

Victorious Ward Skin

Another end of season reward that players often look forward to is the Victorious Ward skin. Having been released for the last couple of seasons, this year's reward is a brand new shiny floating ward shaped like a bear. If you look closely you’ll notice it closely matches the figures on Graves’s shoulder plates.

Victorious Graves Skin

Victorious Graves Teaser

This year the end of season skin goes to Graves! Although he might not have a golden cigar, this skin is bound to become one of the most popular skins in game.

In addition to receiving the Victorious Graves skin, players will also receive Chroma skins depending on which queue you leveled up in. What’s worse than joining a game and having the same skin as everyone else? Mix it up with a colorful skin that’s bound to make you stand out from the rest of those scrubs.

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