17th March, 2017

Why Buy a League of Legends Guide?

League of Legends is a game that you can get the hang of within a few hours but takes years to master.

The first time you played League of Legends did you read a guide or jump straight onto the rift?

Most likely it was the first time you’ve ever played a MOBA and you probably got destroyed in your first game. After a few more games you started to get the hang of it and slowly got better and better.

After a few seasons of playing ranked, you possibly reached Silver or Gold league, when you really wanted to reach Diamond or higher. You probably feel like no matter how hard you try in game your team always lets you down.

So what’s the difference between a high elo League of Legends player and an average one?

Here’s the thing:

High elo players continuously look to improve their game even when they are not playing! This means studying champions mechanics, reading up about the latest meta and developing several strategies and item builds to use in game. A lot of hard work goes into playing the game as much as goes into studying outside of the game.

Now you’re probably saying that you’ve read some guides about certain champions and they didn't work. Or that they only covered 1 build and strategy. And you’re right.

league of legends guides

Free Guides Don't Work!

Most of the time they are written by noob players and only cover 1 specific build. This is useless when you get matched up against a champion not included in the guide.

Now think about this. If you could replicate the same play style and strategy of a Challenger player, do you think you could improve your current rank?

If you answered no then you have the wrong mindset required to be a high elo player and you need to change that if you want to succeed.

However, if you answered yes, then with the right studying and determination you could reach Diamond or higher!

The good news is we now have several League of Legends champion guides that are written by challenger players. Covering a range of different champions and roles, these guides can turn the average player into the next Faker!

Now you’re probably thinking, why would I ever spend money on a League of Legends guide? Well, we thought you’d never ask!

Here are the top reasons you need to buy a League of Legends guide today.

Get A Higher Rank

League of Legends Challenger

The first reason why you should buy a League of Legends guide is that it will help you reach a higher rank in game. We’re not saying as soon as you finish reading it you’ll have 10 winning games in a row but you will notice a significant improvement in your results.

By learning from the pro’s, you’ll follow their exact strategies and builds that got them to Challenger in the first place. If they can do it, then why can’t you?

Learning from the best players in League of Legends, not only will you discover secret tips and tricks but you’ll finally understand how to dominate your games.

If you stick to following the advice in our guides then you'll notice a massive improvement in your games and all your friends will be asking how you got so good!

If you want to tear up low divisions with your amazing Lee Sin plays, then we can show you how.

Stop Struggling

stop stuggling sad face

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while but have been stuck in elo hell, then it’s time to do something about it. Duo queuing with your higher elo friend is not a long term solution. You might gain a few extra LP here and there, but if you want to take on the high divisions then you need to master the game.

Our League of Legends champion guides will end your pain and suffering, in a good way! Not only will you learn about the best summoner spells and masteries but you’ll also have a handy champion matchup appendix. This makes it much easier to dominate your enemies on the rift and gives you a helping hand while playing.

Unlike other free guides, our guides are written by high elo players that know how to climb out of low ranks. Why would you follow a guide by a Bronze player? They're stuck in Bronze for a reason!

Break out of elo hell with our fantastic guides and start to enjoy League of Legends. There's nothing better than getting a pentakill on Yasuo! Learn how with our detailed Yasuo guide.

More Detailed Than Free Guides

free guides vs our guides

If you’re thinking of just reading a free guide online, then think again. Free guides are trash. Most of them are written by low elo players who have no idea what they are talking about. Combine this with their terrible item builds and this could actually jeopardize your chances of reaching high elo.

Many free guides will teach you strategies were you could end up developing bad habits such as incorrect ward placement and the wrong build order. Every little thing counts in League of Legends if you want to be the best so it's fundamental you get the foundations right.

Master the basics and the rest is easy. Learn how to master Illaoi with our awesome challenge guide.

Teaches You To Play A Champion, Not A Build

Another reason why you should buy a League of Legends guide is that most free guides only teach you a build. If you want to become good at League of Legends you need to understand a champion inside out. You need to understand how the champion works and how you can adapt your play style and build.

Simply following the same build over and over again is bound to end with bad results. 1 strategy does not work in all situations, and sometimes you need to make your own up on the go. By learning from one our guides, you’ll essential learn how to cook instead of how to follow a recipe.

With your new knowledge about your chosen champion, you’ll be able to break out from the same routine that is causing you to lose. This is what separates high elo players from low elo players.

Learn how to master Thresh, not just a Thresh build with our in-depth challenger guide.

Cheaper Than An Epic Skin

cheaper than dj sona

As you’ll soon realise, all of our guides are ridiculously cheap! So cheap in fact that you can pick one up for less than an epic League of Legends skin. Think about it, would you rather impressive your friends with a new Arcade skin or your new Victorious skin after reaching Gold league at the end of the season?

An epic skin shows that you have the money, but a Victorious skin shows that you have the skill!

At only $10 a guide would you rather enjoy eating a pizza or destroying your enemies and showing off to your friends? Learn how to dominate your game with our Master Yi guide.

Free Updates

league of legends update

If you’re worried about the guide going out of date, then don't be. All of our champion guides come with free future updates, so you will never be stuck with the old meta. Other guides normally make you pay again when a new version is released but not us!

Whenever there is a champion rework or meta change, you can expect a new and updated guide emailed to you free of charge.

This means if Gangplank ever gets reworked in the future, you can be sure you'll get updates as soon as he's released. Check out how to carry your team with Gangplank now!

Secure Payments

paypal logo and credit card

Like everything on our website, every purchase you make is 100% safe and secure thanks to our encrypted connection and PayPal. For those of you that don’t know, PayPal is the largest online payment system in the world and processes millions of payments every single day.

PayPal only let reputable companies use their service and you’ll notice other guide sellers use dodgy payment providers such as Bitcoin, Skill and WebMoney. These are not legit websites and will do anything to take your money and run. At UnrankedSmurfs.com we’ve been in business for years and have thousands of reviews vouching for us.

Start your Journey to Challenger!

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