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Federigo C

J'avais un peu peur d'acheter un guide vu qu'on en trouve pas mal sur Internet, mais ce guide est vraiment un cran au dessus. De la très haute qualité, et tout les détails sont là. Vraiment tous.


What's better to learn Riven than following an extremely good guide & CS Riven? Nothing, that guide is really really high quality, its got everything!


perfect guide, dont waste ur time on free guides, just buy this itll be much better


By Frederik
USD 10.00

Riven might seem like an easy champion with no mana or energy to worry about, but mastering Riven is a lot harder than it looks. Riven requires learning lots of mechanics and learning how to manage your cooldown efficiently. If you just jump in and start spamming all your abilites, then it won’t end well!

Knowing when to pop your ultimate and went to escape is the difference between an average and excellent Riven player. Riven might have really high damage output but is also fairly squishy with most builds.

To help you destroy your enemies in game, we’ve prepared this really detailed League of Legends guide that covers everything you need to know. Featuring at in-depth look at Riven and which strategy works best against different champions, the guide also includes information on:

  • Summoners spells
  • Masteries & Runes
  • Item builds
  • Ability level sequence
  • Tips and tricks
  • In game strategy
  • Champion matchup appendix
  • Quick reference tables

Once you’ve finally finished reading this in-depth guide, you’ll know everything there is to know about Riven. Written by an experienced Master player who has climbed to high Elo several times, there is no reason why you can’t as well. Impress your teammates and friends with our awesome Riven guide.

Why Buy A LoL Guide?

Written by Frederik, a Master Riven player who has been playing League of Legends since Season 3. Frederik has plenty of in-game experience which has allowed him to climb to Master tier several times using his Riven knowledge and expertise.

Having practised his Riven skills for several seasons and refining his strategy every season, Frederik has plenty of knowledge about how to climb the ranked ladder. If he can do it, then so can you!

With thousands of high Elo games under his belt, Frederik is finally revealing his secrets on how to reach Master tier. With plenty of handy tips and tricks along the way, Frederik has a unique way of conveying all the important things you need to know about becoming a top Riven player.

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