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Patricia M

First time I went here, i wasn't really sure about buying a guide cuz you find plenty of them online for free but the quality is clearly not the same. The analysis provided by the writter was very complete. I feel like I really start to apreciate this champ now that I master him a little bit more.

Abigail B

Nami is pretty hard to really get right (how to use ur bubble or not to fail the ult) and this guide really gets it! + all matchups runes etc

Matthew B

This is really good product, I'll be able to make the most out of nami now!! It also helps you to be better as support, I recommend!!


this guide is insane, challenger grade, take it you wont regret it!!!

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Nami Guide

By Nemo
USD 10.00

PLEASE NOTE: The Guide is provided as a download in PDF format and not a physical copy.

If Nami's bubble has ever caught you, then you’ll know how good her crowd control abilities are. A good Nami can make all the difference in the bottom lane and often make the difference between winning or losing a match. If you can consistently land your bubbles and support your ADC then you can easily win the lane.

If you happen to suck at Nami then don’t worry, we can quickly make you a pro.

A highly mobile and powerful champion, Nami can heal, crowd control, and buff all of her allies on her team. If you want to learn how to win with Nami, then you’ve come to the right place.

To help you become the support you’ve always wanted to be, we’ve got a fantastic Nami guide full of everything you need to know on how to support your ADC and team. Featuring a detailed look at Nami and how to use her, the guide includes detailed information on:

  • Summoner spells
  • Masteries & Runes
  • Item builds
  • Ability level sequence
  • Tips and tricks
  • In game strategy
  • Champion matchup appendix
  • Quick reference tables

Once you’ve finished reading this guide landing your bubbles will be so much easier and your overall win rate will dramatically improve! Written by an experienced Challenger player who has been playing at high Elo for several seasons, the guide is full of unique item builds you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Buy A LoL Guide?

Written by a pro Nami main, Nemo is an experienced support player who has been supporting teams in the high Elo tiers of League of Legends for several seasons. In Season 6, Nemo easily managed to reach Challenger using his strategies on Nami. Now he’s willing to teach you his secrets as well.

With his vast knowledge of the game, Nemo will be teaching you all the necessary tactics and strategies you need to learn in order to climb the ladder. With some patience and practice, you too will be able to reach the high Elo divisions.

Having played thousands of games at high Elo throughout his career, Nemo will show you how playing Nami is the easy way to get to Challenger.


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