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Tom C

yasuo is my main so i knew most of the guide, but there was a lot i didnt know. this is high quality, if you want to perfect yasuo its the first step


This guide is so dooooope!!! Just follow it and you'll rape everyone!!

Helene M

Très très intéréssant et bien fait, bien mieux que les guides que l'on trouve sur internet!!

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Yasuo Guide

By Mr Fox
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PLEASE NOTE: The Guide is provided as a download in PDF format and not a physical copy.

Full of complicated spells and no mana, Yasuo can be a tricky champion to master for players of all skill levels. With a difficulty rating of 10 out of 10, it’s no surprise that players find him hard to play.

Having several cast abilities for his Steel Tempest alone, knowing how to gather enough flow and when to use his whirlwind can be very confusing. In order to score that pentakill and dominate your opponents, you need to know which items to build and which strategy to follow.

To help you carry your team to victory, we’ve got an epic Yasuo guide full of everything you need to know on how to become a pro Yasuo. Featuring an in-depth look at Yasuo himself and what he’s capable of, the guide includes detailed information on:

  • Summoners spells
  • Masteries & Runes
  • Item builds
  • Ability level sequence
  • Tips and tricks
  • In game strategy
  • Champion matchup appendix
  • Quick reference tables

Once you’ve finished reading this guide, scoring pentakill will be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Written by an experienced mid lane player who has been playing high Elo since Season 1, the guide is full of new strategies and tricks you’ve never heard of.

Why Buy A LoL Guide?

Mr Fox is an experienced mid laner / jungler who has been playing League of Legends since Season 1. With his wealth of knowledge, Mr Fox has been able to hit Challenger over 5 times and Master on over 15 accounts.

Known for his ability to carry his team, Mr Fox has plenty of knowledge about League of Legends and knows all the tips and tricks you can use to improve your game.

Having played thousands of games at high Elo, Mr Fox has plenty of experience changing and adapting his strategy over the years. He’s now ready to show you how to think and think and act like a Challenger player.


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