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7 Reasons Why Elo Boosting Is Awesome

Richard Heimer

21 st  December 2017

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Elo boosting often has a bad reputation in games such as League of Legends, but for many players, it's a useful service. Not only can it save you lots of time and frustration, but it also allows you to unlock things you never thought you would.

To prove to you that elo boosting is awesome, we’re looking at the top 7 reasons why elo boosting is just so darn good. If you’re a non-believer then prepare to be convinced, we’ve got plenty of excellent reasons why elo boosting is great.

It Saves You Lots Of Time

The first reason elo boosting is so awesome is that it saves you a tremendous amount of time. Traditionally, getting yourself to Gold or above can take several months of hard work. This only gets harder if you’re stuck in a lower elo such as Bronze. If you want to reach Gold in a matter of days and not months, then you need elo boosting.

Since only experienced players will be playing your account, it dramatically increases the speed in which you will rank up. This means you can reach your goal a lot faster than doing it yourself. If you wish you could rank up without doing any work, then elo boosting is for you!

Lets You Impress Your Friends

If you play League of Legends with a group of friends, then you should know how competitive friend groups can be. Everyone wants to be the best in their little group and will do anything to make sure it stays that way.

If you want to become the best in your group without having to dedicate lots of time, then you need elo boosting. Boosting allows you to beat all your friends without lifting a finger. You also get to act super smug when your friends see what rank you are. You simply tell them it’s all down to your skill.

Unlocks Rare Rewards

At the end of every season, Riot always releases a set of rare skins and wards for players as a well-done present. However, in order to unlock these rare rewards, you need to achieve a peak rating of Gold or above. For many players, this can be very frustrating as they simply don't have the skill to do so.

Luckily, it’s not the end of the world. An experienced elo booster can easily get a player from Bronze to Gold in just a matter of days. By having an experienced player dominate the matches on your account, you’ll be able to reach Gold and claim those rare prizes. If you’re just a few points off reaching Gold division, then elo boosting is the easy way to cross the line.

Helps You Level Up

Since League of Legends was released, players have been limited to a maximum level of 30. However, for the start of Season 8, Riot have finally lifted the cap and allowed players to level up indefinitely. With plenty of awards waiting for players at certain milestones, everyone wants to be the first to reach one. If you thought elo boosting was just for increasing your rank then think again, boosting is also available for XP.

If you want to be one of the first people to reach the level 40 or 50 milestone, then you need boosting. With most boosters offering a fixed price per level gained, it's easy to work out how much it’ll cost.

Lets You Reach the Rank You Deserve

Obtaining a good rank in League of Legends often takes a lot of time and commitment. If you don’t have one of those traits, then you’ll struggle to reach the rank you deserve. When this happens, it’s best to leave it to the professionals as they have the time and commitment to reach the rank you want.

No matter how busy or distracted you are, elo boosting is the way to achieve the rank you want. Simply sit back, and watch your booster climb the ranks to whatever division you want.

A Lot Cheaper Than You Think

When you think of elo boosting, you might think it's super expensive. However, for the same price as a legendary skin, you can boost your rank and impress your friends at the same time. Especially for lower divisions, elo boosting can be incredibly cheap. Costing only tens of dollars per division, reaching Gold division or higher isn’t too far away for anyone.

The best bit is, the better you are at LoL the cheap it is. If you’re already Silver I then you won’t need to spend much to get to Gold. However, at the same time, with lots of bulk deals available, someone who wants to go from Bronze to Gold won’t find it that expensive.

Helps Maintain Your Rank

Maintaining a high rank in League of Legends can often be very time consuming and stressful. Trying to take a holiday or a few days off? By the time you get back you’ll have dropped several positions and even risk the chance of being demoted.

Elo boosting can help you stop this by playing a few games while you’re away. Having a super experienced player play your account can work wonders for your rank. Just imagine their years of experience raining down fire on your opponents. If you need a timeout from League of Legends, then elo boosting is a great way to cover yourself.

Now you know why elo boosting is so awesome, what are you waiting for? Save yourself the frustration and reach the division you’ve always wanted to.

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