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Affiliate Partnership

1. What is the Unrankedsmurfs Affiliate Scheme?

The UnrankedSmurfs.com affiliate scheme is an awesome way for you to earn extra cash from your content and audience. We’re looking for League of Legends streamers, YouTubers, Bloggers and anyone else that has a website related to LoL. If you have an audience of League of Legends players and want to make some money, then we can help. With no minimum requirements, anyone can start making money from their content straight away.

2. What do I Get From Applying?

If you’re successful in your affiliate application then you’ll become a registered UnrankedSmurfs.com affiliate. This means you’ll receive a unique discount code that you’ll be able to give to your viewers and readers. This code will give them 5% off all purchases as well as giving you 5% commission as well! For larger streamers with hundreds of viewers, we’ll even give you a free unranked League of Legends smurf account for you to play on your stream. If you think you have plenty of viewers on your stream and want to form a partnership, contact us below.

3. How Does the Scheme Work?

Every time someone purchases an account from our store using your coupon. You’ll instantly receive 5% commission of the total sale price. No matter if you sell an account for $30 or $200, you’ll always receive 5%. Payments will be sent at the end of every month with no minimum payment. That means even if you only make 1 in a 30 day period, you’ll receive your commission at the end of the month via PayPal.

4. Sounds Awesome! What do I Need?

In order to join our affiliate scheme you’ll need to have a fully working PayPal account that can receive money. Apart from that, there are no minimum requirements. To join our affiliate scheme, simply fill out the details in the box below and if you’re successful, one of our representatives will be in touch.

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