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PBE LoL Account

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PBE Account

Get full access to the League of Legends PBE (Public Beta Environment) server with the ability to use any champion you wish.
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Free Lifetime Guarantee

If something happens to your League of Legends account, you're covered by our guarantee. This means we'll replace it. Find out more here.
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Our BE accounts pack the best quality for the price. Get cheap, high quality smurfs with all the champions that you need.
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Safe & Secure Payment

Our site is secured using SSL technology and uses secure gateways for payment processing. We also provide full recovery details on all accounts.
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24/7 Instant Delivery

When you buy a LoL Smurf account from us it will be delivered instantly after completing your purchase on screen and via email.
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Rated 5 Stars

UnrankedSmurfs has a proud history of providing quality accounts and excellent service. We have over 5000 verified reviews and are rated 5 stars.

Product Description

What is PBE?

PBE (Public Beta Environment) is a separate server within the game of League of Legends that offers a unique experience for players.

PBE servers allow users to experiment with new features and content that have not yet been fully developed or released in the main game.

By playing on the PBE server, players have the opportunity to contribute to the development and testing of upcoming content, as well as provide feedback to the game's creators. Most of the content found in the PBE will eventually make its way into the main game, while some of the features may be discarded or revised based on user feedback.

How to access PBE?

First of all, to sign up, you will need a regular Leagues of Legends account which is in good standing (as Riot Games kindly informs us). What exactly does it mean? Your live account must be free of bans or restrictions and be at least honor level 3 (or above).

When you already have your PBE account and it is linked with your Riot account, you need to download the PBE client. There is no philosophy here, really. It's a few clicks away from Riot Games' official website, right here: PBE Signup | League of Legends.

If, for some reason, you are unable to create a League of Legends PBE account on your own, we are happy to help you. Check out our store to see PBE accounts ready to go or the ones on the regional servers, if you want to go through the whole process by yourself.

When you finally get both, the client downloaded onto your device, and the one PBE account you've always dreamt of, there is nothing left to do but log in and start playing.

Benefits of having a PBE ACCOUNT

For people who like to be ahead of other players, this is a no-brainer. Have you ever wondered how some people pick a champion the day of its release and seem to already know their way around the gameplay? That's exactly how.

On PBE, you can pick not only all of the champions that are part of the game but also those which are to be released onto the live servers. There are all kinds of new content and upcoming features that you can test there and get ready to use on your main account.

Get full access to the League of Legends PBE (Public Beta Environment) server with the ability to use any champion or skin you wish.

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