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Unrankedsmurfs Skin Information Pages

Champion Skins for League of Legends

Welcome to the UnrankedSmurfs.com Skindex, a place to get all the information regarding all the skins in League of Legends. With over 1500 League of Legends skins currently available in game, why just buy a League of Legends account when you can get some super rare skins instead? We aim to regularly update this with the latest League of Legends skin releases and our yordles are hard at work backdating to ensure every legacy skin is present in our system.

Latest Skins (view all)
SEMI-RARE • 20/03/2012
Bittersweet Lulu
COMMON • 27/01/2013
Aether Wing Kayle
SEMI-RARE • 20/09/2010
Muse Sona