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Which League Of Legends Champion Is The Biggest?

Richard Heimer

2 nd  February 2017

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League Of Legends Champion Sizes: Who's the Biggest?

When playing League of Legends, you're probably used to all the champions being the same size in game, but according to certain champions lore and backstories, they are much bigger than you’d expect.

If you’ve watched the League of Legends New Dawn cinematic then you probably noticed how big Nautilus was compared to Graves and Jax. In fact, he’s actually 36 feet tall and weighs 30 tons! Obviously you would never know this from just seeing him in game.

To make things practical and fair, Riot limited the size of champions in game so that they can compete on the rift. Some champions, as you will find out, are so big that if they were their real size they would never fit on the rift.

To give you an idea of how big certain champions are, we’ll be looking at the biggest, the tallest, the meanest champions in the game.

While investigating the size of League of Legends champions, we’ll be looking at their height as well as their weight to determine just who is the tallest.

Once you realized how big these champions are, you’ll never look at them the same again!

League Of Legends Champion Sizes: The Smallest

To start our list, let’s look at the smallest champions in game. If you’ve read some League of Legends lore before then it’s probably no surprise that a lot of Yordles will be making an appearance on this list.

Yordles are naturally small and light champions and whatever they lack in size they make up in courage and determination. If you’ve played League of Legends long enough then you can probably guess the smallest champions in game. However you might be surprised by some champion appearances!

5. Tristana - 38lbs, 3” 4’

tristana champion

Coming it at number 5 on our small list is the rocket wielding Tristana. At 3 foot 4 inches and 38 pounds, she’s slightly heavier than the other champions on this list, probably due to the fact that she’s carrying a huge rocket launcher. But without her weapon she’s just a small Yordle looking to help her team win. After all, she is a delicate ADC.

4. Corki - 35lbs, 3” 5’

corki champion

Slightly smaller than Tristana and coming in at number 4 on our champion sizes list is Corki. Often seen in game flying around in his copter, many people misjudge the size of Corki. When not in his copter he’s a very small Yordle that weighs 35lbs and stands only 3 foot and 5 inches tall. He might be dangerous in his copter, but without it he’s nothing!

3. Lulu - 35lbs, 3” 1’

lulu champion

At 35 lbs and just over 3 feet tall, Lulu is very small indeed. But of course, you knew that already! In game Lulu has a giant hat that might make her look the same size as Amumu or Teemo, however if you take away the hat she’s actually much smaller.

She might be very small, but watch out, her ultimate wild growth will make her or any champion she choose quickly double in size!

2.Fizz - 35lbs, 3 feet

fizz champion

Standing at only 3 feet tall and weighing 35lbs, this blue slimy fish is... literally the size of a fish! With such a small height and weight, it’s questionable how Fizz can even carry his pole around with him. One thing’s for sure, without his pole he’d basically be swimming meat.

1. Amumu - 20lbs, 3” 7’

amumu champion

Although Amumu is not necessarily the smallest champion we’ve covered in this list, he’s definitely the lightest. At only 20lbs and 3 foot 7 inches tall, some people wonder how Amumu is even alive. Well for those of you that don’t know he is actually a mummy! If a Yordle only weighs 35lbs in the first place then this is how much they weigh after mummification. No wonder he’s always crying in game.

League Of Legends Champion Sizes: The Biggest

Now we’ve covered the smallest champions in game it’s time to jump to the opposite side of the spectrum. The big dogs, the heavyweights, the meanest champions in the game.

They might not look big due to the scaling on summoner's rift, but according to their lore these champions are HUGE and their true size can only be appreciated when compared to other champions. The next time you’re playing any of these champions on the rift just remember how big they actually are.

5. Hecarim - 2.5 tons, 13 feet

hecarim champion

Coming in at number 5 on our list is the mighty Hecarim. Based on a spiritual centaur who is half human and half horse, you can’t be surprised to find him on the heavyweight list. With his enormous stature and 4 muscular legs, Hecarim comes in weighing 2.5 US tons or 5000lbs. In addition to his huge weight he is also pretty tall standing at 13 feet. No wonder his enemies run for cover when he charges at them!

4. Maokai - 5.5 tons, 22 feet

maokai champion

When you think of trees you think of tall and heavy plants which have been growing in the earth for hundreds of years. Is it any surprise that Maokai the Twisted Treant has made it onto the heavyweight list? Not really.

Weighing 5.5 tons and standing 22 feet tall, Maokai is very similar to the tree ents from the Lord of the Rings franchise. He might only be made out of wood, but when you weigh 5.5 tons, you can easily crush anything in your path.

3. Cho’Gath - 7 - 13 tons, 20 - 55 feet

cho'gath champion

The devourer of the rift, Cho’Gath is a huge beast before he starts eating everything. Weighing in at 7 tons and standing 20 feet tall, Cho’Gath is intimidating to everyone he bumps into. But that’s not the worst bit, once he starts eating he doesn't stop growing!

After devouring some poor Yordles on the rift, Cho’Gath can grow up to 55 feet tall and weigh 13 tons! At 55 feet tall this makes him one of the biggest champions in the game, and is, in fact, the only champion on the Rift that scales his size appropriately. Being this big it’s kinda hard to hide in the bushes or plan a surprise attack!

2. Nautilus - 30 tons, 36 feet

nautilus champion

At 36 feet tall and weighing 30 tons, Nautilus is an absolute monster. Thanks to the New Dawn cinematic where Nautilus takes on Graves in an epic battle, you can really see how big he is. With his super heavy diving gear, it’s not really a surprise that he weighs that much, but his height on the other hand is not as easily noticeable when on the rift.

1. Malphite - 86 tons, 36 feet

malphite champion

Coming in at number 1 on our heavyweight list is the big bad Malphite. Described as being the size of a mountain, you can see why Malphite has earned the number 1 spot. Weighing a mind-boggling 86 tons and standing 36 feet tall, he really is the unstoppable force! If you saw this thing charging towards you, we’d suggest getting right out of the way.

Special Mention: Aurelion Sol

aurelion sol champion

Although Malphite is the heaviest champion, there actually is a champion that is much, much bigger but not necessarily heavier. Aurelion Sol is often referred to as the Star Forger and his lore states that he can “create and destroy stars with a flick of his fingers”. There’s no disputing that he’s massive, in fact, a user on Reddit posted a useful picture where he worked out the true size of Aurelion Sol. The result?

Aurelio Sol is around 26.4 million kilometers long! If he appeared in our solar system, then his body would make it nearly halfway to Mercury from the Sun.

The only disputable claim is how much he weighs. Vel’Koz is around 13 feet tall but since he floats, he has a billed weight of 0. Aurelion Sol does exactly the same thing. He might be millions and millions of kilometers long, but if he’s floating then does he still weigh nothing? Who knows! Maybe that’s a good question for Riot to answer.

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