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How Game of Thrones is like League of Legends

Richard Heimer

27 th  June 2016

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Game of Thrones might have just finished for season 6 and we have to wait almost a year for season 7 to start. But have you ever thought of how similar Game of Thrones and League of Legends are?

In fact some of the champions in League of Legends are so alike some characters in Game of Thrones it's almost like a match made in heaven. We’ve had a long and hard thing about all the characters and managed to come up with a great list of similar characters.

The Mountain = Mordekaiser

The mountain League of Legends Mordekaiser

Also known as Gregor Clegane, the mountain is a monster of a man and is known for his short temper and incredible strength.

Mordekaiser is also not to be messed with. He carries a huge mace around with him and swings it around like a madman. Although the mountain can't bring people back to life and enslave their souls. If these two met we’re not sure if they would get along like bro’s or fight to the death.

Jamie Lannister = Taric

Jamie Lannister League of Legends Taric

Also known as the Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister was born into a high class family with a lot being expected from him.

Jaime is pretty full of himself and think’s he's a good looking guy which is pretty much how Taric feels as well.

They both have long flowing locks and are full of pride and confidence. Whatever they want they get and they let no one get in the way.

Arya Stark = Fiora

Arya Stark League of Legends Fiora

After being taught by the first sword of Braavos, Arya became a keen fighter training in the style of fencing.

Fiora is known throughout the kingdom as the Grand Duelist. Her incredible speed and skill has brought her to where she is today.

Not only has Arya been training with a sword master but she’s also been training to be an assassin. If you wanted to watch a good fight then a duel between these two would be a must see.

Tormund = Olaf

Tourmond Game of Thrones Olaf

When you think of a crazy wildling with red hair and a beard there’s only one champion that springs to mind… Olaf!

Olaf is a viking warrior that uses his rage and anger to unleash hell to his enemies.

Tourmond is a great fighter and has a lot in common with Olaf. If they ever got to meet each other it would be hard to tell them apart.

 Daenerys = Dragon Trainer Tristana

Khaleesi Game of Thrones Dragon Trainer Tristana

Queen Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Daenerys Stormborn, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons and about other 10 names is one of most popular characters in Game of Thrones.

Now although dragon trainer Tristana has pink hair the one major thing they both have in common are dragons! Khaleesi is known for having her 3 loyal dragons she’s trained over the years.

But Tristana has her very own dragon in this skin and she uses it to deadly effect in game.

Melisandre = Annie

Melisandre League of Legends Annie

Annie is almost like a young Melisandre who has just started playing with fire.

And what does Melisandre and Annie both have in common? They both LOVE playing with fire!

Melisandre worships the Lord of Light and interprets the signs he gives through the flames.

Annie on the other hand is a pyromaniac and loves to burn everything and everyone as well as summoning Mr Tibbers for some fun every now and then.

Jon Snow = Rugged Garen

Jon Snow Rugged Garen League of Legends

Garen might be a weird choice for the famous Jon Snow but hear us out!

Not only does rugged Garen wear the same armour as the nightwatches but he also has the hair and beard of Jon Snow.

Jon is also known for his great combat skills and so is Garen. Going up against Garen in game can be a frightening challenge as you never know when he's going to release his ultimate.

Tyrion Lannister = Poppy

Tyrion Lannister Poppy League of Legends

Ok so apart from the small fact that Poppy is a girl, they both have the same height and ferociousness.

Do you remember when Tyrion lead the charge at the battle of blackwater? Well Poppy would have done the same if it was her!

They might be both small but they don’t let this get in the way of beating down their opponents.

Brienne of Tarth = Leona

Brienne of Tarth League of Legends Leona

Brienne of Tarth might be best known in Game of Thrones for her height and incredible sword skills. So good that she actually managed to beat the hound (which he will never let go).

When comparing her to League of Legends champions, there’s only 1 that springs to mind, it has to be Leona!

Although Brienne prefers not to use a shield in battle apart from that they are practically identical. If they were to recast Brienne as Leona in season 7 i’m sure nobody would notice.

The Hound = Tryndamere

The Hound League of Legends Tryndamere

Also known as Sandor Clegane, the Hound is the younger brother of the mountain. A giant of a man and a ferocious fighter the first champion to spring to mind is definitely Tryndamere.

Carrying his trusty sword Tryndamere is always on the lookout for a good fight and so is the hound.

Bronn = Darius

Bronn League of Legends Darius

Bronn is the trusty sell sword that will do any job for a price (as long as it involves killing people).

Darius loves a good fight and is fuelled on by rage and determination.

These two actually have a lot in common even though even though they don’t look identical they share the same traits and love for fighting.

Bran and Hodor = Nunu

Barn and Hodor Nunu League of Legends

This pick is almost a match made in heaven. Nunu is the little guy who sits on top of the yeti and basically controls him and tells him what to do.

Now without giving away too many spoilers, this is basically what Bran does In Game of Thrones. Hodor is a giant of a man and carries Bran around with him at his command.

Comment below if you agree (or disagree) with our list!

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