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Jhin Now Available In League Of Legends

Richard Heimer

1 st  February 2016

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jhin league of legends

League of Legends newest addition to the rift Jhin the Marksman became available for players to play today. While he will probably face most of his early life banned there will be games where players will be lucky enough to get to play him in ranked. With the Jhin release literally only happening two hours ago the issue is not very many players know how to play him, or what to do. We’ve managed to gather as much information on Jhin as we possibly can to ensure that you and your fellow League of Legends players are ready to dominate the rift with this exciting new champion.

Jhin's Abilities

Jhin is an assassain marksman who belongs in the bottom lane of summoners rift. He has an array of unique abilities which interact with his passive to create a champion which feels extremely rewarding to play. We’ll summarise the key bits of information below:

jhin league of legends
Passive: Jhin uses ammo to fire his basic attacks (similar to Graves). His attack speed cannot be changed and after 4 auto attacks he must reload (2.5 seconds). To make this balanced his fourth attack will always critically hit and as well as increase his movement speed based on his attack speed. To further ensure that his Jhin doesn’t waste his attack speed he will also convert a portion of his attack speed into attack damage.

Q: Jhin launches a grenade at a target. The grenade will bounce up to 4 times and each unit the grenade kills will increase the damage on the next bounce. This effect can stack so this ability is great to use around low health minions.

W: Jhin fires a laser in a direction which deals damage to the first champion it hits. This is similar to Jinx’s zap except it can pass through units. It will also root any targets that Jhin (or his allies) have previously damaged.

E: Jhin places a trap down on the ground which will stealth after a brief delay. This lasts for 2 minutes and when triggered will reveal all units in the area for 4 seconds. Once triggered it will slow all enemy units inside the area for 2 seconds and then expload dealing damage to all enemies within the area. This effect also triggers when Jhin kills an enemy champion.

R: Jhin channels for 10 seconds granting him an extremely large range. He can then fire his weapon up to 4 times in the target direction that deals damage to the first champion it hits. This ability deals more damage depending on the missing health of the enemy champion and the final shot will critically strike.

Jhin's Playstyle

Jhin relies on raw attack damage to ensure that he can deal enough damage to kill his enemies in four hits. We recommend that you buy all the big AD items such as Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge and Blood Thirster. We find it’s best to cap your Q when you play Jhin as this has a scaling cooldown and increases the damage. When it comes to a team fight Jhin is fantastic for picking off champions with his ultimate and it can be easy to chain kills together thanks to the passive on his E. If you find graves annoying with his regular reloading then this champion probably isn’t for you. Jhin is also a fantastic kiter so we highly recommend that you go down the kiting route. This means a few attack speed items can really help you.

We recommend that you value the following stats in this order. Make sure that you keep this in mind when creating your rune page.

Attack Damage > Critical Damage > Attack Speed

Since Jhin has only just been released and is the newest League of Legends champion there will be a lot of experimenting before people find out what really works on him. For now if you are one of the lucky few who get to play this new champion then hopefully this quick guide should give you some tips on how to win the game. If you would like to practice Jhin then why not buy a League of Legends smurf account?

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