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Why League Boosting Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Richard Heimer

5 th  October 2017

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’re probably aware of all the boosting that goes on in LoL. To some people, it’s a frustrating practice that they can't avoid, while to others it's a total godsend.

To convince you that League boosting isn’t as bad as people make out, we’re looking at the top reasons why people do it. Of course, everyone has their own specific reasons for boosting, but they can usually be placed into certain categories.

Here are the top reasons why League boosting is one of the best things to ever happen to League of Legends.

Saves You Plenty of Time And Stress!

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The biggest and most obvious reason League boosting is loved by so many is down to the amount of time it saves people. Let’s face it, playing League of Legends can be hard work and very time-consuming. Not only do you have to regularly play games to get good at LoL, but in order to stop yourself getting demoted you need to be continuously active.

For people in full-time education and jobs, this can often be a difficult task. How do you fit enough LoL into your day to day life while still being able to work / study? The answer is obviously League boosting!

Not only does boosting free up a lot of time for you, but it also saves you a ton of stress. Who wants to lose 5 games in a row and spend the rest of the week clawing back league points? Nobody of course! With League boosting, the booster takes all this stress and time off your hands so you can spend it doing something worthwhile.

Makes You Look Like A League God

League of Legends Boosting

Not only does League boosting help you become the best, but it also makes you look like an absolute pro. Imagine you and your friends are in Silver, and you’re racing to reach Gold division first. League boosting can help you get there faster than anyone else. Not only does this impress your friends, but it also means you can show off as being the best in your group.

If you’re not the best at League of Legends, then this can often be a problem. However, by paying a booster the right amount of money, nothing is impossible. Why stop at Gold division when you can rub it in your friend's faces even more? As long as you never tell them about your secret trick, they’ll always view you as a really good LoL player. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us!

Lets You Enjoy The Better Things In Life

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League of Legends can often be a demanding game. With ranked matches often lasting over 40 minutes per game, it can quickly get very time-consuming. In this day and age, not everyone has the time (or patience) to sit around and play several games of LoL a day. Instead, they have other commitments like family and friends.

Instead of ditching your friends to play LoL, League boosting is a great way for you to get the best of both worlds. If you’re a dedicated LoL player and want to reach Diamond, then boosting can easily give you a hand.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars being boosted to Diamond, but you can buy matches every time you’d rather hang with your friends. Not only does this stop elo decay, but it also allows you to enjoy the finer things in life.

What if you need 5 more LP before your next promotion, but your family and friends keep asking you to socialize with them? With boosting the solution is simple, buy a few matches so you can spend time with your relatives. This way you get the best of both worlds, a high elo account and a healthy relationship with your friends.

Helps You Become A Better Player

League of Legends Pro

If you thought League boosting was just about sitting back and doing nothing then think again. Not only is it possible to watch your booster level your account, but it's also possible to join duo queue with them.

For a low elo player this is an excellent opportunity to learn lots of tips and tricks from a high elo player. Unlike reading a guide or watching a YouTube video, having a real-life mentor is the best possible learning experience. With the ability to ask them questions in real time and learn important skills, boosting can dramatically improve your skill.

Helps Unlock The End Of Season Rewards

At the end of every season Riot reward players with special gifts, including a rare Victorious Skin. For players to unlock this skin and other rare collectables, a player must reach a peak of Gold division or higher throughout the season.

For some players, this is an easy task, especially if they’re already been in Diamond division during the previous seasons. However, for some players, the thought of reaching Gold division can be a challenging task. In order to unlock those precious end of season rewards, it's crucial you reach at least Gold division at some point. With League boosting, you can easily achieve this no matter your skill.

Now you know all about the many benefits of boosting, it’s time to reap the benefits yourself. Click below to view our League of Legends boosting services.

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