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The Spookiest League of Legends Halloween Skins

Richard Heimer

30 th  October 2018

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Halloween is upon is! In addition to having our porches intruded upon by candy-hungry kids, it’s time for League of Legends to release some spooky skins!

You might be worried for your wallet with all these skins, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be tempted to buy them all – However, if you don't have cash to throw away, then read on to discover which skins are our personal favourites!

First, we’ll go over the newest skins to join League of Legend’s roster of harrowing skins. Then we’ll count down the best harrowing skins from seasons past (in our opinion, please don’t spam us with reasons why Bewitching Nidalee is better!)

Trick or Treat Ekko – 1350 RP

trick or treat ekko

The animations of this skin are top notch! Ekko’s Timewinder ability has been replaced with a fearsome flurry of bats and pumpkins, but not everyone’s happy.

Some people believe that the appearance of the skin isn’t fleshed out enough, but if you ask us, he’s looking pretty great. Sure, it’s not as graphically complex as some other skins, but here’s what it does have going for it;

Ekko’s entire body has been covered in skeleton body paint, his hair is a ghastly green – which makes him look a little like everyone’s favourite Batman villain – and he now has a pumpkin backpack slung over his shoulder!

Overall, we wholeheartedly recommend this skin if you’re an Ekko main, or if you like to collect spooky LoL skins.

Count Kledula – 1350 RP

count kledula

Kled is one Champion in LoL who’s door you don’t want to be knocking on this year – unless you want to get blasted by his pocket pistol. Now, when this skin initially came out, we were sceptical.

It seemed so silly and odd, but having seen it in game; We admit, we were wrong.

Count Kledula has everyone’s paranoid old man dressed up as a classic Vampire, and his trusty mount Skarl is now a purple bat!

His beartrap on a rope is now a sticky pumpkin, which explodes into a cloud of candy when Kled yanks targets toward him. Now, let’s take a look at his amazing ultimate!

Who wouldn’t be terrified by a vampire, riding a giant bat, riding a pumpkin, surrounded by more bats? We would, that’s for sure!

Bewitching Janna - 1350 RP

bewitching janna

Janna has been in the League for a while, although this new look is really something; She’s donned a witches hat, Harry Potter glasses, and fishnet stockings for this years Harrowing.

She also has a couple of new animations to go along with her ghastly garb – and even her Zephyr has received a makeover!

For a start, the fiery glow of her auto attacks really makes them stand out, and her tornado consists of tormented purple spirits - guaranteed to make your enemies jump in terror!

As for Zephyr, his run of the mill bird like form has been altered into something much more elaborate: His body is now that of a black cat, with a flaming tail, his wings are now that of a bat – and, he has a little pumpkin for a head! There hasn’t been much change to Jannas E, although it has got a tint of muddy orange to it.

Her ultimate is what will really blow you away though! Not only does it bathe the terrain in a dark mist, but it also sends forth a flurry of autumn leaves. All of this seems to be spewing out of an iron cauldron at Janna’s feet – definitely spooky enough!

Headless Hecarim - 975 RP

headless hecarim

You’ve probably seen this one in game, since it’s been around 2012!

Unlike many older skins, this one has definitely stood the test of time, and not just because of how cool it looks.

As far as League of Legends Halloween skins go, sticking a pumpkin on Hecarim and calling him a “Headless Horseman” seems simplistic. However, did you know that the skulls on his belt are Warwick's and Rengar's? It’s the small details like this that really make the skin.

Flames and smokes have been added to every aspect of him, including his entire body. A couple of players have said that the skin would be much better if they actually made him headless, but we think the grinning pumpkin head is extremely unsettling.

On top of that, the scythe is a symbol that has long been associated with death -and, since Hecarim wields one, it makes him an even better fit for this skin!

Zombie Brand - 1820 RP

zombie brand

Although this is one of the more expensive skins on this list, it’s also one of the best!

Not only have his animations received a complete overhaul, but so as has his appearance – Oh, and Riot even gave him a new walk, something very few skins offer a champion!

He’s considerably more detailed than the default skin; If the gaunt figure, tattered clothes and sallow face didn’t give him away as a Zombie, then the way he shambles and groans toward you probably will!

His warm flames have transformed into a putrid green, which he sluggishly hurls at enemies whenever he casts a spell. Plus, he also leaves behind what appears to be radioactive footprints where he walks – He leaves something else behind too, when he dies.

If your assassin is competent enough to kill Zombie Brand, then you’ll be rewarded by his transformation into a gravestone. He just falls back and the dirt erupts around him, still maintaining that eerie glow.

You will be able to find most of these skins in the League of Legends store right now, but they won’t be around forever! In fact, if you visit our LoL smurf store below, you can pick up all the Halloween skins you could want.

Not only that, but many of our accounts come loaded with rare skins that will never be obtainable in game ever again! And, if you ever consider quitting League of Legends, you won’t lose money, because they will have become even rarer!

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