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League of Legends Pro Smurf Names

Richard Heimer

2 nd  May 2017

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Who's Who In The Professional LoL Smurf Scene?

With smurfs becoming more and more popular in League of Legends you just never really know who you are playing with anymore. A lot of people use LoL smurf accounts to hide their true skill or name such as LoL professionals. By playing under a different name pro players can disguise themselves and play in much lower ranked games than they should be in.

Luckily there is a list of professional LoL smurf accounts so next time you’re in game be sure to keep an eye out for these names. You could be playing against a professional LoL player on one of their smurf accounts!


froggen lol picture

Froggen has been a professional LoL player for over 5 years is currently the mid laner for the team Echo Fox. He has played in many top class teams such as Elements, Evil Geniuses and CLG. Currently, there are 4 identified smurf accounts for Froggen with his main one being Anivia Kid as his NA account. The next time you’re up against a mid laner before to keep an eye out for these LoL smurf account names.

  • Froggen
  • You got Frogged
  • Anivia Kid (NA)
  • gnik aivinA (EUW)


bjergsen smurfs picture

Currently, Bjergsen is the mid laner for Team SoloMid and has been playing League of Legends professionally since 2012. He has also played for other teams such as Copenhagen Wolves and team LDLC. Currently, Bjergsen has 7 LoL smurf accounts including 4 for the NA region and 1 for Korean region. If you spot anyone in mid lane with these names then it could be one of Bjergsens LoL smurf accounts.

  • mid lane banter
  • ForskruetSkaebne (NA)
  • qldurtms (NA)
  • TSM 3 (NA)
  • mid is sucess (NA)
  • TSM 비역슨미드 (KR)
  • Soeren Bjerg (EUW)


Yellowstar Image LoL Smurf

Yellowstar is currently the support for team Fnatic after recently leaving team SoloMid at the end of 2015. Yellowstar has also played for other high ranking teams such as SK Gaming and Millenium. There have been 5 identified LoL smurf accounts for Yellowstar over 3 different regions including NA, EUW and KR. His most obvious smurf account names are FnaticYellOwStaR and yellowStar1 while his lesser known ones are ror1 and NerfGun5.

  • NerfGun5 (NA),
  • FnaticYellOwStaR
  • roro1
  • yellowStar1 (NA)
  • miKarob (KR)


Wildturtle Image LoL Smurf

Wildturtle is famous for simultaneously having multiple smurfs accounts in the challenger league. During season 3 Wildturtle had 4 accounts in the challenger league all within the top 15 with his main account being rank 1. His main account is Turtle the Cat and his smurf is WildTurtle. Turtle the Cat used to be named WildTurtle until he joined team Quantic. When he left Quantic, Wildturtle was taken so he used Turtle the Cat.

  • Turtle the Cat
  • WildTurtl
  • Long cat 4
  • YuNg TuRtLe (KR)
  • F ZERO (KR)


xPeke Image LoL Smurf

Enrique "xPeke" Martínez is currently the Mid Laner for Origen but made his name for playing in team Fnatic. xPeke played in team Fnatic for over 3 years before leaving to make his own team Origen with teammate sOAZ.

As of 5th May 2017 xPeke has 3 accounts in the challenger league - xPeke, xPeekee and his main account Fnatic xPeke. You can see from his list of smurf accounts xPeke has a joke account named SKT f4ker which is a joke on the Korean LoL player Faker.

  • Mayonnaisee (NA)
  • SKT f4ker(EUW)
  • xPooks(EUW)
  • xPeke(EUW)
  • Paco Senpai(EUW)
  • Fnatic xPeke
  • xPeekee
  • Fnatic xMid (KR)


Dyrus Image LoL Smurf

Dyrus is a popular high elo player who used to be the top laner for Team SoloMid. Although Dyrus has stopped playing competitive games he still streams regularly and plays on many of his smurf accounts. There have been 16 identified smurf accounts for Dyrus on 4 different regions including EUW, NA, TW and KR. Some of his LoL smurfs have very random names and capitals while others are a play on his name like the ‘Retireus’ smurf account.

  • Insert Smurf Here
  • superpaladin98
  • 1 800 MICROWAVE (EUW)
  • Dyrone (KR)
  • Dairus (TW)
  • suryD (KR)
  • TSM suryD (KR)
  • the biggest farm
  • yhs eht
  • Retireus
  • a very bad time (NA)


sneaky c9 pic

Sneaky is currently the AD carry for Cloud9. Starting his professional LoL career back in 2012 Sneaky has also played for Team Dignitas before moving to Cloud9. Originally called SnEaKyCaStRoO he changed his name to Sneaky after reading his name on Urban Dictionary. Since then he has made a smurf account with the same name. He currently has 9 smurf accounts over a few different regions and uses his C9 tag in quite a few of them.

  • C9 Sneaky
  • SnEaKyCaStRoO
  • C9 StealthBomber
  • d SnEaKyCaStRo
  • Pulse CaStRo
  • Heathers Suka
  • AL SnEaKyCaStRo
  • C9 Gun (EUW)
  • C9 Sneakyz (KR)

Most professional players get their LoL smurf accounts from Riot with free IP and champions. Since they need the account as soon as possible they don’t have the time to level up a new account. If you’re thinking of getting a LoL smurf account then do what the pro’s do, let someone else level it for you. Click below to check out our store and collection of smurf accounts available in many different regions.

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