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The Top LoL Streams You Should be Watching

Richard Heimer

7 th  March 2017

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As much as you might enjoy playing League of Legends you have to admit that sometimes a break is necessary.

Maybe you’ve just lost the last 3 games or you can feel your eyes beginning to close. Whatever the reason, you know playing another game isn’t a good idea.

It’s times like these that are perfect for putting your feet up, relaxing and watching some LoL streams. These streams are an excellent way to learn some new tips and tricks about League of Legends while they also have great entertainment value.

With thousands of streamers online almost 24/7 no matter your country or time zone it’s likely that someone interesting will be streaming.

The next time you need a break from LoL or are not in the mood for playing; then you should watch a LoL stream. To help you find a good stream to watch we’ve scoured the popular streaming website to find only the best LoL streams.

So sit back, grab some food, and put your feet up, here are the top LoL streams you should be watching.


imaqtpie lol stream

The first LoL stream on our list is the veteran streamer Imaqtpie. Having made a name for himself playing ADC for the pro eSports team “Team Dignitas”, Imaqtpie has given up the live tournaments and now streams full time.

Streaming almost every day, his streams are full of high-level gameplay and commentary that will not only help you get better at the game, but will leave you wanting more. His calm and fun approach to streaming will ensure you have lots of laughs while learning how to become a better ADC.

With a total of nearly 1.6 million followers, 191 million channel views and averaging 5 million views per month for the whole of 2016, it’s safe to say Imaqtpie is loved by fans everywhere.

If you want to chill with the donger king himself and have some mega lulz then this is the perfect stream for you.


bjergsen lol stream

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play in Challenger? If so then you’ll love this stream. The star of this LoL stream is professional gamer and currently mid laner for Team SoloMid, Bjergsen.

Having played with TSM since November 2013, Bjergsen has gained many loyal fans who love to watch him play. Under his TSM contract Bjergsen must stream a certain amount of time every week in order to promote himself and his team. This is great if you want to watch a pro player in action who has competed at highest level of competition, the World Champions.

With over 1.2 million followers, 82 million channel views and an average of 1 million views per month for 2016, Bjergsen is a popular streamer whose fans love him.

If you play mid lane and want to learn some new tips and tricks, then this is the stream to watch. Currently streaming a few times a week, be sure to follow him to be updated whenever he's online.


dyrus lol stream

Having played at high elo ever since the launch of League of Legends, our next streamer needs no introduction. This streamer was the top laner for Team SoloMid for an impressive 3 years before retiring from competitive play and taking up full-time streaming. If you haven't guessed it by now then it’s only the fan favourite Dyrus!

Known for his top lane position and excellent knowledge of the game, Dyrus streams regularly to his millions of followers. If you randomly check his channel at any given time, then the chances are he will be streaming.

Dyrus currently has 1.2 million followers, 183 million channel views and an average of 2 million views per month for 2016. Considering he hasn't been a professional player for nearly 2 years, they are some impressive stats!

If you’re thinking of learning top lane and need a mentor to teach you the ways, then this is by far the best stream. With a nice chilled environment and no raging, let the soothing voice of Dyrus teach you how to dunk noobs in the top lane.


riotgames lol stream

When it comes to LoL streams, how could we not include the official RiotGames Twitch channel on our list? If you want to keep up to date on League of Legends tournaments and news, then this is the ultimate channel. No matter what tournament it is, you can be sure that Riot will be streaming it live on their Twitch channel.

With over 2.3 million followers and 889 million channel views, Riot definitely has the largest and most popular LoL stream out there. Mostly active around tournaments, the channel is the go-to place to watch full tournaments uninterrupted. If you love watching 8 hours of nonstop professional LoL gaming, then this is the stream for you. When the tournaments have finished expect to see continuous highlights and replays of matches over the following days.

If that didn't convince you that it’s the ultimate LoL stream, then we would have it say it’s the one stop shop for everything League of Legends related.


nightblue3 lol stream

Last on our list but by no means the least is the popular streamer Nightblue3. Mainly known for his role as a jungler, Nightblue3 has become a high elo player that strives to teach others how to become better at their game.

Having played as a substitute jungler for Team SoloMid back in 2014. Nightblue3 has built his reputation from being a full-time streamer. With an impressive 1.8 million followers and 164 million channel views, there’s no doubt that Nightblue3 has become a popular streamer.

Streaming almost every single day, if you want to watch a skilled jungler play at a high level elo while discussing his strategy, then this is the stream for you.

Now you know all the top LoL streams, the next time you can’t play another game and want to relax, be sure to check out some of these streams.

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