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The Top Snowdown Showdown Skins

Richard Heimer

13 th  December 2018

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With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to get yourself into that Christmas spirit. To help get you in the festive mood, we’re looking at the top Christmas themed skins available in League of Legends. So, get your mittens and wooly hats on, it’s about to get seriously cold!

Frozen Prince Mundo

This skin sees our beloved Doctor cursed for eternity as a cold-hearted ice prince.

The animations of this skin don’t reach the incredible heights as some others – however, hurling sharpened icicles at people is oddly satisfying. If you ask us, the new sound effects have a lot to do with it.

 The crisp crunch of ice striking your target adds to the overall wintery feel, but the high-quality sound effects don’t end there! Burning agony is now a swirling ring of icy orbs, accompanied by the sound of howling winds.

Visually, there are a few noticeable differences. His hair is white, he’s wearing gloves, and his clothes are regal and extravagantly detailed – in stark contrast to his ghastly appearance.

The skins splash art has clearly taken a bit of inspiration from the movie ‘Frozen.’ The portrait hanging on the far left bears a striking resemblance to the portrait of Elsa’s parents. Additionally, everyone besides Mundo appears to be frozen – An ability Elsa possesses – she can only contain this ability while wearing a special pair of gloves, and what do you know? Mundo is also wearing gloves.

The parallels don’t stop there either; They both have white hair for instance. This section has already been too long though, so I’ll let you discover the rest for yourselves!

Snowman Yi

Yi receives a full makeover in this snowy skin! For starters, he now has a massive snowman head – with multiple pieces of coal as eyes and a big carrot nose. He has two carrots in fact, and the other is much larger.

That’s right, Mundo gets a razor-sharp sabre, and Yi gets an oversized carrot – complete with the sound effect you’d expect to hear from a carrot hitting something.

All this comes wrapped with a cosy jacket and big floppy hat! Alpha Strike also comes accompanied with a nice little jingle as Yi slices through enemies, and Meditation is even better!

When Master Yi meditates, he becomes the centrepiece of a snow globe, complete with a mini blizzard and Christmas music!

Santa Braum

Released in 2016, Santa Braum features Braum as… you’ve guessed it, Santa! Unlike the traditional Santa, Braum is certainly of a different physique. With his ripped pecs showing through his Christmas jacket Braum has no trouble lugging presents around with him.

In this skin, Braum's mighty shield has been completely transformed into a Christmas fireplace with tinsel and dangling stockings. In addition to this, his recall animation has been changed into a cool sleigh animation where he is towed away by reindeer Poros! Unfornatley this skin is no longer available in the store, but don't let that dampen your mood. We still have plenty of other Christmas skins to cheer you up!

Snow Day Graves

Just like the Santa Braum skin, Snow Day Graves was also released in the 2016 Snowdown Showdown event. However, unlike the Braum skin, Graves has taken an entirely different theme. Similar to the previously released Snow Day Singed skin, Graves is also ready to battle against the elements with his snow gun.

In this skin, Graves has swapped his traditional blaster for a new snow gun! The particles for his abilities have also been changed to give it a nice Christmas feel. For his End of the Line ability, he now fires snowballs, his Smoke Screen fires penguins and his ultimate fires a huge shard of ice! That’s definitely something you don't want to get in the way of.

No longer available in the store, the only way to get this "cool" skin is by buying an account with it already redeemed.

Snow Day Bard

Released in December of 2015, Snow Day Bard has become a huge hit with players. With this skin, Bard has dressed up for the winter weather and has a new fluffy coat to keep himself warm. He’s always swapped his horn for an ice version to match the weather. He also has some new penguin companions that follow him around all over the map.

His abilities have also been changed to match his winter theme. His health capsules that spawn on the floor have been changed to cups of hot chocolate that went left transform into warm marshmallow filled chocolate drinks. To complete the skin, when travelling through his Magic Journey ability the player is transformed into a penguin. If you want to support your teammates with hot cups of chocolate, then this is the skin for you!

Santa Gragas

One of the oldest and best Christmas skins ever released is still Santa Gragas. Released in December of 2010, the skins transforms fat Gragas into... fat Santa! The first thing you’ll notice is that Gragas has swapped his huge keg for a sack of presents, or has he? It’s actually still a huge barrel of beer disguised as a bag of gifts, what a swine!.

All of the rest of his abilities animations and particles are the same just the kegs he throws are now wrapped up in Christmas wrapping. It might be an old skin, but you can’t deny it’s funny to see a fat Santa running around summoner's rift. Unfortunately, this skin is no longer available in the store as it was removed shortly after it’s release. The only way to get this rare Snowdown Showdown skin is by buying an account with it redeemed.

Re-Gifted Amumu

Be honest, have you ever received a gift for Christmas that you’ve hated so much you gave it to someone else as their present? If you have then shame on you, because that's the reason why Amumu is still crying.

Released back in December of 2010, Amumu still can't get over the fact that no one loves him. Dressed up as a Christmas present the skin features an entirely new model of Amumu as a box just waiting to be unwrapped. Unlike most of the other Christmas skins, this skin contains no new particles, animations or sounds. Compared to the other Snowdown Showdown skins it might seem disappointing, but we think the model itself makes it an awesome skin.

The bad news about this skin is it’s been removed from the store and is currently not available, so maybe there is a reason to cry after all!


Sometimes Heimerdinger’s experiments go so horribly wrong he accidentally transforms himself. In this case, Heimerdinger has somehow accidentally turned himself into a snowman but managed to keep his famous glasses and beard.

Released back in December 2011 along with some other Snowdown Showdown skins, the skin transforms Heimerdinger into a walking, talking, candy cane throwing snowman! This slightly creepy looking snowman actually has some rather cool model changes and features new models for his turrets as well as particles for his auto-attacks. His turrets have been transformed into little snowmen in cannon firing sleighs while his particles have been changed to candy cane sticks. After all, candy canes hurt more than snowballs.

The bad news is the skin is no longer available in the store and the only way to obtain it is by buying an account with it already redeemed. Maybe it’s for the best, too many Snowmerdingers would creep everyone out!

Santa Draven

Just when you thought the Draven hype was over, Riot have only gone and reignited it with this awesome Santa Draven skin. Based on Saint Nick himself, this skin portrays Santa with a much slimmer figure. Not only is he dressed head to toe in the finest Santa outfit, but he’s also swapped his blades for two new ice picks. Similar to what you’d see a mountain hiker using to climb a snowy mountain, these deadly picks can unleash some serious damage.

Breaking all the typical Santa stereotypes, if all you want for Christmas is Draven then look no further!

Released as part of the 2017 Snowdown Showdown collection, Santa Draven is available in the Riot store for a limited time at 1350 RP. With its removal from the store imminent, if you want to add this beauty to your collection then be sure to grab it while you can!

Ambitious Elf Jinx

When you think of Jinx you probably think of a crazy and deadly markswoman. Jinx might be crazy, but she makes an even crazier elf!

This ambitious elf Jinx skin features Jinx dressed up as… you’ve guessed it, an elf! Featuring her own Elf costume and presents, this skin is about as epic as they come. If you look closely you’ll notice her bazooka has been turned into a wrapped present with 2 eyes. Her minigun has also been changed into a toy train which she most likely made herself in Santa’s workshop!

Released alongside Santa Draven for the 2017 Snowdown Showdown, Ambitious Elf Jinx is available in store for a limited time at 1350 RP. If you’re feeling merry and want to take your Jinx gameplay to the next level, then make sure to add this gem to your collection!

If you’re looking to impress your friends with some super rare Christmas skins or just fancy giving them one as a gift then be sure to check out our LoL SkinShop. Since many of these skins are legacy and are no longer available in store, the only way to get them is by buying an account with them enabled. Luckily we have plenty of accounts with almost every skin. Be sure to browse around to see what skins we have available.

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