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The Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Smurf

Richard Heimer

14 th  July 2016

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If you’re thinking of getting a smurf account there are two ways you can go about it, level it yourself or buy a smurf account.

If you have the time and patience you can level your own smurf account to level 30 on your own. But before you commit the time and effort into doing that you should really consider the reasons why you should buy a smurf account instead.

Saves Time

Clock on Money

Attempting to a level a brand new smurf account on your own can take a long long time. All those hours of playing games with low skilled players can be tedious and downright painful.

Even with all the added boosts enabled from the store you are still looking at a lot of matches to reach level 30. It currently takes around 20,042 XP to reach level 30 in LoL. With games giving around 90 XP per game you can easily see it will take a long time to get there.

Time is money, and spending all your time levelling your account is a waste. Especially when you could be doing more productive things like playing ranked queue and climbing the ladder instead. By buying a smurf account you can jump straight into the action and skip the boring parts of levelling the account. After all League of Legends is all about having fun and not spending hours levelling your account?

Comes with Free RP and IP

league of legends champions

Sometimes smurf account sellers include bonus RP and IP with their smurf accounts.

Here at Unranked Smurfs all of our accounts come with free RP and IP which you can choose to spend on whatever you want. So if you fancy buying a new skin or IP boost from the store then go ahead, the choice is up to you.

With the bonus IP included you can either spend it on champions to unlock or runes if you are thinking of playing ranked queue.

The amount of IP can vary depending on which smurf account your purchase. If you want a nice amount of IP to spend on champions and runes then we suggest going for the starter package. These come with 20K+ IP which is enough to buy at least 16 champions which is the amount required for ranked play.

Unlocked Extras

Many smurf accounts come with plenty of champions and skins already unlocked. This is a great benefit as having to farm the IP to unlock champions can take a long time. Having to buy the champions using RP can also be very expensive and you can save a lot of money buying an account with champions already unlocked.

At Unranked Smurfs we offer special champion accounts that come with a range of champions already unlocked. The lowest amount is 16-30 on our special 16+ accounts. If you’re looking for more champions then we also have our special 60+ accounts which have a minimum of 60 champions unlocked.

Not only do these accounts save you lots of time but they are also really good value for the amount of champions you get.

Cheaper Than Doing It Yourself

Ezreal save money

Levelling a smurf account can take a lot of time if you plan on doing it yourself. If you still want to do it yourself then buying XP boosts from the store can greatly reduce the time until you reach level 30.

Buying these boosts from the store cost a lot of money and by the time you add them all up it can be very expensive. So expensive in fact that it’s normally just cheaper to buy a smurf account that is already level 30.

It's Quick and Easy

Now you know the top reasons why you should buy a smurf account instead of levelling one yourself. Why not head over to our store to check out our wide range of accounts available. We currently have accounts from many different regions in stock. Why waste your precious gaming time levelling your account when you could be pwning noobs in ranked! Click below to check our store.

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