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5 Reasons Why Smurfing Improves You as a Player

Richard Heimer

1 st  August 2016

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Smurf accounts are very popular nowadays with many League of Legends players owning two accounts or more. But why have more than one League of Legends account and how exactly does smurfing make you a better player? Here’s 5 reasons why smurfing makes you a better player.

Not Afraid To Try Out New Tactics

league of legends tactics map

Let's be honest, practising your Baron smite during a ranked game is probably not the best idea as you could easily mess up and throw the game. What if there was a way to practise without any of the consequences just in case everything went wrong?

Well this is exactly what you can do with smurf accounts. Since smurf accounts are level 30 and unranked they allow you to jump straight into the action and play with real ranked players. This is obviously much better than play normal games or against bots as they (should be) tougher opponents.

If anything does go embarrassingly wrong then it’s probably just best to never log in to that account again…

You Can Change Roles

league of legends roles

Most players who play ranked games have a preferred role as they are more comfortable and confident playing that role or champion.

Would you risk losing your rank and being demoted by playing a role or champion you’ve never played before? Probably not.

If you want a safe environment to play and practise in then getting another account is the best idea. As previously mentioned there’s no point practicing against bots and unranked players as its not realistic enough.

Having another account also allows you to have more runes and rune pages for that specific role which saves you having to buy another rune page.

Nobody Knows Who You Are

a summoner has no name

Sometimes when you’re a high rank and you join a game lots of players expect you to carry them and if you don’t then they won't be happy. Since all smurf accounts are unranked it allows you to start from scratch with no previous match history or ranking which is definitely a good thing.

You might be thinking that it's actually a bad thing but it's really not. By having no match history or rank you can only exceed everyone's expectations. But if you do happen to do an epic fail people won’t flinch an eyelid compared to if you were a platinum player, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.

This is a good example why smurfing can allow you to practise under the radar which is great if you’re a higher level player in need of some practise time.

You Can Play On Different Regions

league of legends map regions

By playing on other servers and regions, not only do you experience new players but you also learn new tactics and metas. For example do you think people in North America play the same as people in Korea? Definitely not. In fact matches played in the Asian regions are normally shorter as teams are way more aggressive.

Some servers and regions are also considered much harder than others. Take EUW for example it’s considered one of the hardest regions compared to NA. Of course the Asian regions such as Japanese and Korean are considered by far the hardest. By playing on a different server you really get to test your skills head to head against other highly skilled players.

This helps you learn new skills and tactics but also allows you to make new friends! Just another reason why smurfing improves you as a player.

Climb Out Of Elo Hell

league of legends elo hell

If you can climb out of elo hell more than once then it proves you have skill. Having the ability to deal with toxic players and make game changing decisions will only improve you as a player overall.

The more and more you play in elo hell the more you will learn about helping out your teammates and carrying your team which is vital for the higher leagues. If you can get around conflicts and disagreements in game then this will only help you later on.

Now you know why smurfing improves you as a League of Legends player there’s no reason not to get one. Unranked Smurfs offer the best unranked smurf accounts for League of Legends. Why waste all that time doing it yourself when you can jump straight into the action. Click below to view our online store now!

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