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Get Paid To Play

Looking to make money from your League of Legends skills? Join our new project and get paid to destroy noobs on the rift. We’re looking for top League of Legends players that have unquestionable skill on the rift. If you actively play LoL at division Diamond 1 or above, then we want you on our team. With great incentives for all players in all roles, you can make a nice income by playing LoL from the luxury of your home.

Say “you’re fired” to that part-time job that only pays minimum wage and say “you’re hired” to an exciting new opportunity with us. To join our program, all players must meet the minimum requirements below depending on their server. If you meet the requirements then submit your application by clicking the button and filling out the form below.

Player Requirements

Diamond I + on EUW / NA (Challenger on other servers)

Great English and communication skills

16 years or older