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Arcade Ezreal Skin Information And Accounts

Arcade Ezreal Lol Skin

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Arcade Ezreal Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 1350 RP
Concept Ezreal as a retro pixel warrior
Model New model changes
Particles New particles for abilities and emotes
Animations New animations for abilities and emotes
Sounds New sound effects
Rarity common
Release date 24/08/2016

If you’re a lover of old 8-bit games then Arcade Ezreal is a must-have – trust us, it comes loaded with more than enough references to meet your nostalgia needs.

There’s a couple of blatant references, and then some that are a touch more subtle – we’ll take a look at the obvious ones first, before finishing it off with a rundown of Arcade Ezreal’s in-game changes.

First of all, the hair bears a striking resemblance Neko’s do from Final Fantasy 7. Plus, the outfit cannot be overlooked.

While it’s not a perfect match, there are some major similarities. The shoes are practically the same, and the shirt and shorts are quite close – both Neko and Arcade Ezreal wear golden rings around their wrists too.

One difference is that Arcade Ezreal’s bracelet looks a bit more circular, perhaps a reference to Sonic?

He could also be compared to Rayman too, as both he and Neko have pointy orange hair and a purple outfit.

His gauntlet closely resembles the Sega Dreamcast controller, that fires a very special pixie – Navi from The Legend of Zelda has replaced Ezreals usual Essence Flux!

As for the more subtle changes, Arcade Ezreal has a pixelated version of Baron Nashor emblazoned upon his shirt, possibly a reference to Space Invaders.

When he recalls, he deals 9999 points of damage to the old dragon, instantly killing it. Little touches like this make all the difference.

There are even more references to find, but we’ll leave that up to you as we’ve got to get into more in-game changes!

Arcade Ezreal’s Mystic Shot is a golden sword – that’s all that really needs to be said, who wouldn’t want to shoot golden blades from their palms? His other abilities are equally theatrical too, particularly his Arcane Shift.

Disappearing in a burst pixels is pretty fancy, and it’s such a minor tweak that makes a massive difference!

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