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Warring Kingdoms Garen Skin Information And Accounts

Warring Kingdoms Garen Lol Skin

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Warring Kingdoms Garen Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 1350 RP
Concept Garen as a traditional Chinese warrior
Model New model and new textures
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New animation for recall and abilities
Sounds New sounds for auto attack
Rarity common
Release date 19/01/2017

Warring Kingdoms Garen is a common skin that was released in January 2017.

Released to celebrate the 2017 Lunar Revel, the skin is inspired by the Chinese military general Guan Ping. Garen also shares the same Warring Kingdom theme with the following champions:

  • Warring Kingdoms Azir
  • Warring Kingdoms Jarvan
  • Warring Kingdoms Katarina
  • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
  • Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
  • Warring Kingdoms Vi
  • Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

Warring Kingdom Garen features Garen as a traditional Chinese warrior with a completely new set of gold armor and a new green sword. Garen now wears a tiara and hair band with red rope on his back. All of these changes make him look like a true warrior.

There are also plenty of new particles included with the skin, when Garen spins around instead of the default yellow glow it has been turned into a bright green effect. The same effect happens when he activates his ultimate, Demancian Justice.

The skin also includes a new recall animation where Garen smacks his sword around and then throws it up in the air before summoning a flag pole and sticking it in the ground.

Warring Kingdom Garen also includes lots of new sound effects for his abilities and spells.

If you want to play on summoners rift as a glorious warrior with highly detailed armor and a huge green blade then this is the skin for you. Available in the store for 1350 RP this skin could be removed after the Chinese New Year celebrations so be sure to grab it while you still can.

Warring Kingdoms Garen Images

Warring Kingdoms Garen League of Legends Skin
Warring Kingdoms Garen abilities
Warring Kingdoms Garen Shield
Warring Kingdoms Garen LoL Skin

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