5th April, 2017

The 5 Most Annoying League of Legends champions to play against

With over 125 champions to choose from it’s obvious that some are going to be frustrating to play against. While it can be fun to play the strongest champions on the rift – it’s sometimes much more fun to frustrate the enemy team into submission. Here’s our list of 5 of the most annoying champions to play against in League of Legends.

#5. Zilean – the Chronokeeper

League of Legends Zilean Bomb

What could be more frustrating than a champion who can throw bombs onto you and your allies? A champion who can throw two bombs. Move over Ziggs – There’s a new bomber in town. 

Zilean is one of the most frustrating champions to lane against because of his insane poke and practically zero cool downs. When you add on the fact that he can level up his allies, and provide them with a free guardian angel, aoe stun (with huge damage) and his insane speed it’s no wonder he’s one of the most frustrating League of Legends champions out there.

As you can see from the Zilean video above he's a huge troll and definitely one of the most frustrating League of Legends champions to play against.

#4. Singed – the Mad Chemist

League of Legends Singed

The concept behind Singed is a relatively simple one – farm minions by running around in circles until your gas finally kills them.

What makes singed annoying to play against is that he can zone melee champions with his poison trail making it almost impossible to farm. If you get too close he’ll flip you onto the wrong side of the lane and you have to run through his sticky glue to get back to the safety of your tower, losing half your health.

On top of this he stacks health which makes him almost almost impossible to kill. He'll continue to farm (Maybe even proxy) throughout the game and he'll get stronger until he becomes a god like tank. Playing against a proxy farming singed is also frustrating - Just watch this video below:

This is a frustrating tactic because it denies you farm, takes your junglers pressure from around the map and you end up chasing someone who becomes worthless. If all this wasn’t bad enough he also has an infuriating laugh which makes it perfect to spam at your already frustrated opponent. Truly one of the most frustrating League of Legends champions ever.

#3. Nunu – the Yeti Rider

League of Legends Nunu

When you’re playing against a Nunu Jungle it’s not uncommon to get zero buffs at the start of game. Nunus consume gives him a higher level smite than all other junglers at level 1 which means he can quite easily come into your jungle and take whatever mobs he pleases.

Even if you manage to catch him he’ll often just speed boost himself to run away, while throwing ice balls at you slowing you down. To make things worse he has an ultimate which can’t be seen when he’s casting it outside of vision – and it’s one of the highest AP scaling abilities in the game. If you want to really troll your opponent you can play the Nunu bot skin and laugh your way through their jungle, taking every single camp on your way.

After the Ryze rework it's become even more annoying to play against Nunu, We'll let this video explain why:

#2. Soraka – the Starchild

League of Legends Soraka

Laning against a Soraka is one of the most anti-fun experiences League of Legends can give you (only beaten by maybe Rengar). 

It makes trading with the enemy marksman an impossible task. Even if you beat the enemy marksman in a trade, Soraka will have them back to full health in no time. This means that you actually lose every trade you take damage in effectively turning your lane into a farming lane. 

Not only does Soraka frustrate her lane opponent, but a good Soraka player can keep their eye on their out of lane teammate’s health and use their ultimate to stop enemies from getting kills. This frustrates every lane opponent and turns the game from a kill fest into a farm fest, making those exciting skirmish games into the some of the most boring games of League of Legends to watch.

Oh and we're not going to include a video featuring Soraka because she's terrible to watch.

#1. Tam Kench – the River King

League of Legends Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is the ultimate League of Legends troll champion. 

He has an incredibly high health pool which is effectively doubled by his grey health mechanic, he can eat his allies getting them out of any sticky situation, he can stun you using his disgusting tongue, and his damage is as good as any bruiser, yet he's a support. 

This unkillable, high damage, lifesaving cat fish is one of the worst additions to League of Legends since release date Diana. He makes so many champions obsolete it’s unbelievable and he can instantly ruin the game for any assassins. Riot decided to rework the QSS for the sake of Zed, maybe it's time to remove Tahm Kench too.

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