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How to get blue essence fast

Alistar Smyth

27 th  May 2022

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Blue Essence is the primary game currency used in League of Legends. It is the cornerstone for all purchases from the in-game shop that do not require you to spend your hard-earned real money. It allows you to unlock a plethora of different items, perks, and characters to play while in-game.

A lot of players can find obtaining Blue Essence a very tedious and annoying task. As a new player who is looking to expand their champion pool and test new picks, sometimes the free-week rotation is simply not good enough. Not to mention that you are only provided with three refunds, so you may have bought a champion only to find out that it's not as much fun as you previously thought or ended up wanting to play a different role where that champ is not as viable. Well, fear not. I am here to get you on track and show you the fastest and most efficient methods for obtaining Blue Essence and also shed light on precisely what you can spend it on!

Let's take a moment to cover precisely what can be purchased with Blue Essence, also referred to as BE. For any veteran players of League of Legends, Influence Points was the original name of the currency upon the release of the game until it was changed to Blue Essence in 2016, in addition to other client and shop overhauls.

What can you buy with blue essence?

League of Legends is one of the few online games that are purely free to play, although you can use the purchase of Riot Points (RP) to change the way your character looks, buy champions faster, unlock unique skins for wards, and expedite the levelling process. If you are curious about the fastest way to level a new account, take a look at our levelling guide (Insert Link Here). Being a completely free game, no matter how much real money you spend, you will NOT get access to any game-changing or performance-enhancing benefits that a player who is not spending money will be able to obtain.

Blue Essence is primarily used for the purchase of additional champions,

The Blue Essence you earn in-game can unlock all of the following:

  • Champion Unlocks
  • Rune Pages
  • Mastery Level Increases
  • Name Changes
  • Clash Tickets
  • Chroma Unlocks

It is important to remember that all of these additional purchases that you can make with Blue Essence also have the option to be purchased via Riot Points. Due to the limited number of refunds you are provided per account (3), be careful with your large purchases early on! I would highly suggest that you test out and try any new champions you are curious about buying in the Practice Tool prior to a purchase to make sure the choice is right for you.

How do you get Blue Essence?

Blue Essence is earned in a multitude of different ways; most players seem to think that Blue Essence is earned slowly and passively as you play and enjoy the game. But for anyone eager to try new champions and spend their hard-earned Blue Essence, find that it is quickly depleted and can often be a stressful currency to manage effectively.

Let's touch on all of the current methods of obtaining Blue Essence in-game.

  • Levelling Up
  • Completion Daily & Weekly MIssions
  • Completing your first win of the day (resets every 20 hours)
  • Opening Champion Capsules (Obtained via levelling)
  • Disenchanting Champion Shards (Obtained via Champion Capsules)
  • Event Tokens
  • Opening Hextech Chests
  • Opening Honor Capsules

Ultimately levelling up your character proves to be a reliable source of earning Blue Essence. I would highly suggest taking a look at our levelling rewards guide, as it details and outlines the levelling rewards given throughout your climb! (Insert Link Here).

The best way to get blue essence?

The best and most efficient way to get Blue Essence is quite simple. It is a combination of completing your win of the day bonus quest, which provides additional experience and blue essence as a reward. (Keep in mind this resets every 20 hours, not even 24 hours) As well as efficiently levelling up your character to receive your levelling rewards. By breaking down your champion capsules and exchanging the champion shards for Blue Essence, you will be able to rack up thousands upon thousands of Blue Essence simply from getting level 30.

I would highly suggest taking a look at our levelling guide (Insert Link Here) to see the fastest and most proficient way to level up your account from 1-30 and onward.

Realistically if you are a new league of legends player or someone looking to make a secondary account to play on, I would highly suggest purchasing a smurf account. These can range from (INSERT PRICES HERE) to (INSERT PRICES HERE) and come stocked with 30k+ Blue Essence, which you can spend on whatever you want! Doing this can save you a ton of time and allow you to make all of the purchases you wish to on short notice without having a tedious grind. It is also a lot more cost-effective than spending your money on Riot Points.

You can passively level up your account by playing any game mode, although utilizing the experience bonus passes and playing bot games or arams has been proven to be the quickest way to gain experience.

Can you buy blue essence?

Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. There is no straightforward method of purchasing Blue Essence. League of Legends does, however, have its own paid currency called Riot Points. These Riot Points, also known as RP, can be used to purchase every single thing you can buy with Blue Essence PLUS more!

There are some slight workarounds that can earn you Blue Essence through the use of RP, such as purchasing Hextech Chests or Champion Capsules and then breaking down the rewards for BE. However, if you are going to spend your money on Riot Points, you may as well just purchase whatever it was you intended on buying with Blue Essence outright.

Best of luck, Summoners!

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