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Who Is The Best Teemo Counter?

Richard Heimer

18 th  May 2018

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Teemo is an incredibly sneaky champion who is known for evading detection and attacking when you least expect him. He’s also great at strategically placing mushrooms that will leave you cursing under your breath as he sprints off at lightning speed. With a long list of annoying and high damaging abilities, what should you do if you end up facing him in lane?To help you take on this unnecessarily smiley Yordle, we’re taking a look at his top counters and how you can beat him in game. By checking thousands of games and individual champion spells, here at the top champions that counter Teemo.

Who Are The Best Teemo Counters?

With nearly 140 different champions in game, it only makes sense that there are at least a handful of champions that can beat Teemo. It may be hard to believe, but every champion has its weakness. Not only is Teemo incredibly squishy, but he also lacks mobility when he takes damage. Not to mention that he heavily relies on his mushrooms for damage which can be easily avoided.

Let’s start with our first Teemo counter, Swain.

Teemo Counter #5: Swain

swain champion

The first Teemo counter on our list is Swain, the grand general, and master of all birds. The main ability that makes Swain so good is that he has excellent crowd control which allows him to slow enemies from a distance and even root them in place. Just the type of abilities you need when you’re trying to catch a slippery Teemo.

Swain is also a ranged champion which means he can easily trade blows with Teemo from a distance. This means you don’t risk running into one of his mushrooms and can always back off if he starts to poke you down too much. If things do get a bit too much for Swain, then he can always unleash his raven to multiply his damage and heal himself, perfect for those tricky situations where it looks like Teemo is winning.

With all of his abilities combined, Swain makes a pretty decent Teemo counter that will leave Teemo running for the hills.

Teemo Counter #4: Dr. Mundo

mundo champion

As an auto attack melee champion, it might seem that Dr. Mundo has a huge disadvantage against Teemo. However, with his cool abilities, it’s actually the complete opposite. The first thing to note is his passive which heals him for 0.3% every second. When fighting against a ranged champion like Teemo, this gives him a significant advantage to withstand his constant poking.

In addition to this, Dr. Mundo can also attack from a distance using his Infected Cleaver. This also applies a helpful slowing effect which will help catch Teemo even easier. Once Mundo closes the gap, he can start to use his Burning Agony to deal extra damage at close range. This is useful as it can’t be blinded him Teemos dart and will do damage regardless.

Finally, Mundo can pop his ultimate if he lands in a sticky situation. This will start to regenerate his health over 12 seconds which can often be the difference between living and dying. With all of his abilities combined, Dr. Mundo is a problematic champion for Teemo to fight.

Teemo Counter #3: Sion

sion champion

Next up on our list, we have Sion, a powerful monster who won’t let a little fury Yordle beat him in lane.

From looking at his abilities you might think he’s a bad matchup against Teemo, but you’d be wrong. What he lacks in abilities he really makes up for in pure damage.

To get things started, Sion has a really useful ability for crushing anything in front of him. Appropriately named “decimating smash,” Sion can smash the ground in front of him up to 600 units. This means Sion can hide behind a wall of minions while unleashing this ability on Teemo.

If that wasn’t enough, then Sion can also protect himself from any incoming damage (such as a blinding dart) by using his Soul Furnace shield. Once the shield wears off after 6 seconds, it will also explode sending magic damage to anyone in the surrounding area.

Finally, Sion also has a useful skill for chasing after enemies with his ultimate. If you think Teemo can outrun Sion then think again. Not only is Sion much faster, but he also slam dunks anyone he collides with after activating his ultimate. If you want to make Teemo look like the little fury Yordle that he is, then Sion is the champ to do it with.

Teemo Counter #2: Yorick

yorick champion

Coming into the top 2 champions for whooping Teemo we have Yorick, the shepherd of souls. With the ability to summon various minions, trap people inside a prison, and hurl black mist, Yorick has all the abilities needed to catch fast Yordles.

The first trick up his sleeve has to be his Last Rites. By default, Yorick is a melee-based champion and can only attack enemies within a close distance. However, by activating his Last Rites ability, Yorick is granted an increased attack range of 50 units. This suddenly makes it a lot easier for Yorick to whip his opponents without having to focus on his positioning. At the same time, he can also throw his Mourning Mist that does AoE damage and slows enemies down.

And if that wasn’t enough, Yorick can also trap enemies in a circular prison which enemies have to attack in order to break. All of these abilities give Yorick a lot of control over Teemo to stop him from running off. Throw in a mix of minions that deal damage to targets such as the Maiden of the Mist, and you’ve got yourself a complete army ready to unleash hell upon Teemo.

Teemo Counter #1: Pantheon


Coming in at our number 1 spot has to be Pantheon the Artisan of War. Whats the best way to fight a highly mobile poke champion than with a highly mobile poke champion? Not only does Pantheon have excellent mobility and ranged skills like Teemo, but he also has an excellent shield and stun to throw things into the mix.

When fighting against Teemo, both of these open up the potential for a lot of game-changing plays. For starters, Pantheon has a passive shield that blocks incoming attacks from enemies. If you can time it right then you can actually block Teemos blinding dart making it cause 0 damage to you. If you happen to miss time it then don't worry, you can always activate your Aegis of Zeonia to summon the shield instantly.

To poke Teemo down to low health before you go all in, you can also poke him with a ranged ability. His spear shot has an impressive range of 600 units and can deal an impressive amount of damage which also has the chance to crit.

Combine this with his Aegis of Zeonia and Heartseeker Strike, and it’s a deadly combination against any champion including Teemo. Not only does it stun him but he also has to endure the full damage from hundreds of spear stabs to the heart. Poor guy!

Overall, Pantheon is a brilliant champion to destroy Teemo in lane. If you’re having trouble beating that little guy then be sure to try your luck with Pantheon, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

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