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How to get free Riot Points

Richard Heimer

16 th  January 2017

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Riot Points. We all want them, as many as possible, but of course, we don’t want to pay.

Like real currency, RP is the in-game League of Legends money that can be used to purchase almost anything. From skins to champions to boosts, RP is great to have and it’s even better when you get it for free!

Since the launch of League of Legends, many players have looked high and low to get their hands on free RP. However, there is also a dark side to League of Legends free RP that can actually cause you to lose your entire account or worse, all your dank memes.

To help you get some free RP online, we thought we’d explore the secret world of League of Legends RP and how not everything is as good as it seems.

Sneaky Tricks

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If you Google “League of Legends Free RP” you will be instantly met with hundreds of websites promising to give you free RP for nothing. “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is” doesn't spring to your mind, then you have a lot to learn. From initially looking at the website it might all seem fine and legit, but when you start to dig a bit deeper, you’ll notice some of the sneaky tricks these websites use to take advantage of you.

The first trick is the complete survey or details to continue. Many of these free RP websites will promise to give you an RP code if you complete a survey first. For many people this will seem reasonable but watch out, it’s all a trick.

These surveys or form pages are actually called “Cost Per Acquisition” offers and pay the website money once they are completed. The strategy for the website is to offer everyone free RP in exchange for filling out a survey. In reality, these websites don’t have any RP codes and as soon as you’ve completed the offer they get paid and don’t care anymore. Many websites will go to extreme lengths to make themselves look as legit as possible including fake reviews and comments just to get you to enter your details.

The second trick is to convince you into downloading some software or RP generator to create an RP code. These programs are always filled with malware and viruses that either attempt to steal your precious League of Legends account, or turn your computer into a botnet to do malicious things.

This is obviously a bad scenario. By having your computer compromised by viruses, hackers can do all sorts such as track your activity, steal sensitive information and even watch you on your webcam! To some people, these sneaky tricks might seem obvious, but to the computer illiterate, they are much more likely to be caught out.

Rules to Avoid Being Scammed

Now you know how these websites operate and what their intentions are, what rules should you follow to stop your account getting stolen?

Never Download Any Programs or Hacks

league of legends hack

As mentioned before, the first rule is never to download any programs or so-called “hacks” from these free RP websites. If the website starts to download a program or even asks you to then warning signs should be going off straight away.

Lots of these websites will trick and lie to you in order to get you to download their file. If you do for whatever reason accidently download it, make sure you delete it straight away or run an antivirus scan to remove and malicious files.

Never Fill Out a Free Offer

dodgy league of legends website

The second rule is to never complete a free survey or CPA offer for the website, you’re only funding their elaborate scam and encouraging them to continue. If everyone stopped filling out these survey forms then a lot of these websites would disappear overnight.

Any legitimate website will most likely require you to fill out a simple form that won’t require things such as your address, zip code or telephone number.

The Only Way to Get Free RP

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