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The Best League of Legends Custom Skins

Richard Heimer

27 th  December 2018

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With so many different League of Legends skins out there, you really are spoilt for choice! From the cool Star Guardian collection to the Pentakill rockers, new skins are added to LoL almost every month. These skins might look great in game, but with prices starting from 975 RP and higher, these skins can be very expensive.

If only there was a way to replace the default champion skins with new ones, and for free. Well luckily, there is.

There are currently thousands of custom-made LoL skins just waiting to be downloaded. Covering almost every champion released, these custom League of Legends skins are free to download and install. With some amazing works of art out there, you’ll never have to spend another dollar on League skins again.

To help you find the perfect custom League of Legends skin, we’re taking a look at some of the top creations. So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown by these awesome skins!

How Do They Work?

Before we show you the best League of Legends custom skins it’s important to mention that all the skins shown here will only be visible to you. This means once the skins are installed on your computer and you join a game, nobody but yourself will be able to see them. That might be a bit disappointing but hey, at least they’re free! The good thing about the custom skins is they are not available in the Riot store and they are totally unique.

The two main types of skins are champion skins and map skins. Champion skins are custom made skins for individual champions that users have created. Map skins, on the other hand, add some much needed new colour to the outdated summoners rift. Let’s have a look at some awesome custom skins!

Custom LoL Champion Skins

Lolipop Darius - Lolipoppy now has a companion to join her as she beats people into submission! On the surface, Darius' bright new outfit might not seem as complex as others, but looks can be deceiving! If your enemy should be lucky enough to come up against you, they'll notice that they're bleeding a trail of candy!

Not only that but whenever your ult is ready to use, a giant lollipop appears above your potential targets head! All animations have been recolored (something not even all Riot skins have!) meaning that for the total cost of $0.00, this is a great deal!

Pizza Delivery Janna - Janna pairs perfectly with Marksman who need protecting, and who better than Sivir? Together, you can hurl pizzas at your foes and force them into submission!

That's not all though! Pizza Delivery Janna also has an entirely new, much more modern, wardrobe! Her staff is gone, replaced by a large pepperoni pizza! Plus, she's also got bubblegum pink hair, which looks great on most Champions!

Order Of The Lotus Katarina - Not only is the skin itself visually stunning, but it's clear that a lot of effort has gone into the splash art too! Her ornate daggers are a nice touch, as is the lotus in her purple hair. 

A couple more lotuses added to her animations wouldn't go amiss, but this is still a top-notch skin, especially considering that it's free! 

Battlebunny Jinx - With 3 in a row, you're probably thinking we have a thing for Champions with pink skin - and you might be right, but the pink hair contrasts with Battlebunny Jinx's pallid skin extremely well! 

It also compliments the overall color scheme of her outfit, and all the pink animations! The pair of bunny ears adds an element of cuteness to the usual creepy vibe that Jinx gives off. Although, adding another pair to Jinx's super mega death rocket might have been a nice touch!

Venom Zac - This is an older custom skin, but with the release of the Venom movie, this skin has begun to gain some more popularity - plus, it's an excellent skin all on its own! 

Unfortunately, black isn't one of the skins available in Zacs chroma pack, but this custom skin has you covered! His eyes have also been tweaked to match the sharp ones of everyone's favorite symbiote! This skin is definitely out of this world! 

Dark Star Brand - Brand has always been a favorite with fans, but his constant glowing can get annoying. To solve that problem, someone has created this cool Dark Star skin which completely transforms his default skin. 

Looking like he's from a different galaxy, this skin is definitely a mix of Aurelion Sol and Syndra. Brand now has dark balls that he can throw around and cause some serious damage to his enemies. If you can’t stand the sight of the default Brand skin and want a change, then look no further for his replacement.

Pikachu KennenWhat happens when you mix League of Legends with classics such as Pokemon? You get a Pikachu Kennen obviously! With this skin, countless hours of work have been put in to transform Kennen into the Pokemon he’s always wanted to be. With his pointy yellow ears and electric bolts, this skin will definitely bring back the nostalgia.

If you want to Pika Pika a Penta-kill then this is the custom skin for you.

King Varian Wrynn Garen - You can draw a lot of parallels between Garen and Varian, and this skin brings them together perfectly. In fact, this is probably one of our favourite skins! Not because it has dazzling animations, but because, like many LoL players, we're WoW veterans!

And the detail is exceptional - it looks exactly like Varian, right down to the scar on his face and his giant sword!  If the creators replaced "For Demacia" with "For Dealliance!" it would be perfect!

Custom Map Skin

Frozen Rift - Winter is coming! To get you in the mood we’ve included this super cool frozen rift so you can see what it looks like beyond the wall. In this skin almost every in-game texture has been remade to give you the ultimate snowy experience. In fact, even the player's interface display and in-game music has been changed to match the theme. Considering this whole skin is free it would be rude not to download it.

How Do I Install These Skins?

Although it is possible to manually install skins by dragging and dropping the files into the correct folders, several people have made software that makes it much easier. We suggest downloading Wooxy from The software easily allows you to install custom champion and map skins for League of Legends. The software also makes sure any new patches won't break your game which is always a good thing to have!

Simply download the software from the link above and install it to your pc. Once you’ve found some skins you want to install just download them and load them into the software. This will automatically install the skins into your League of Legends client. All you need to do then is jump into a game with your selected champion and voila the custom skin will appear.

Where Can I Find More Skins?

There are plenty of places to find custom League of Legends skins online. Some sites are much better than others, but it’s worth checking as many sites as possible for the best skins. Here are a few other websites to check out if you fancy finding some more skins!

Get A Real Skin!

Keep in mind that Riot no longer approves of custom skins, so use them at your own peril! If you want some skins that people besides yourself can see, then check out our account store below!

All of our accounts are packed with rare skins such as PAX Twisted Fate, Championship Riven and Black Alistar to name a few! To view all of our accounts and rare skins be sure to head over to our LoL skin shop!

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