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Comprehensive League of Legends TFT Cheat Sheet

Richard Heimer

29 th  July 2019

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You don’t always want to have to scroll through a 2000-word post to find a snippet of useful information – that’s why we’ve compiled this handy League of Legends TFT cheat sheet. Simply scroll down and find what’s helpful for you!

First, let’s take a look at the different Origins and Classes, allowing you to better understand what type of team comp you want to focus on.

TFT Origins and Classes Cheat Sheet

origins and classes cheat sheet

If you’re uncertain what each Origin and Class offers you, then be sure to read up on them here.

As you can see, there’s some overlap with certain Classes and Origins. By picking up Lissandra and Anivia, you’re much closer to benefitting from both the Glacial and Elementalist combo – arguably the best Origin and Class in the game.

Reference back to this chart when you need to know what would go well with your current team composition. It’s not enough to simply know which Champions are good though.

It’s also imperative that you understand which items do what, and how they can be combined to give you a greater chance of victory.

Teamfight Tactics Item Cheat Sheet

tft item cheat sheet

It can be hard to know what the likelihood of you obtaining that one final Champion you need is – for instance if you just need Swain or Gnar to complete your Shapeshifter combo, then how much will that cost, and how likely are you to get it?

TFT Drop Rate Cheat Sheet

tft item cheat sheet

By looking at this table, we can determine that the chances of getting Gnar or Swain in the early game are low. They cost 4g and 5g respectively, which means that they’re pretty rare. Therefore, it might be best to focus on levelling other Champions or trying to obtain a different Origin/Class buff for a while. If not, you’ll be rerolling all game and likely end up last.

With this League of Legends TFT cheat sheet, you’ll now be able to find all the information you need on Champions, Items and more! Just be sure to have it open before you join a game, so you don’t have to hastily Google it mid-match.

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