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League of Legends Rank Distribution 2018

Richard Heimer

28 th  March 2018

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When you hit a certain rank in League of Legends you always like to see how many people are above you. The League of Legends rank distribution is available through the Riot API. Once downloaded the data can be manipulated to create graphs which show the distribution curve for the League of Legends ranked player base.

We downloaded the data for 4 different regions (Europe West, North America, Korea and the newest region Japan) and created the graphs below using the % of players in each division. The graphs mostly follow the same pattern but here are some of the more interesting trends that we found:

  • Silver is the most populated League of Legends division in almost every region. The second most populated division is Bronze in almost every region except for Japan.
  • In Japan the second most populated region is Gold - Bronze has almost a third the number of people as the world average.
  • Players that are in Platinum V+ are in the top 10% of ranked players.
  • Players that are in Diamond V+ are in the top 2% of ranked players.

The League of Legends Ranked Distribution by Regions

Europe West Ranked Distribution 

Rank Distribution LoL EUW

North America Ranked Distribution

Rank Distribution LoL NA

Korea Ranked Distribution

Korean League of Legends rank distribution

Japan Ranked Distribution

Japan League of Legends rank distribution

World Ranked Distribution

LoL World Rank Distribution Chart

Ranked Region Comparison

Worlds Ranked Region Comparison

As you can see the newest region, Japan, has an extremely strange curve compared to the other regions we chose. 

The key difference is the higher population in both gold and silver and the lower population in bronze. There are also 4 times the number of people in Master and Challenger compared to the other regions.

Does this mean that the Japanese servers are easier to climb on?


Japan gives us an interesting look at how a regions ranked distribution changes over time. The old school servers (NA, EUW and Korea) have been around for an extremely long period of time which means they've had multiple seasons (6 to be precise) for their ranked distributions to settle and they create the curve that we've come to expect.

How the League of Legends ranked distribution changes in Japan over the season will be extremely interesting. We'll definitely take another look at it at the end of the season to compare the changes and see if the graph moves more towards the world average. Unfortunately, the season isn't over yet so we'll have to wait a few months until we'll be able to make this comparison.

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