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Star Guardian Urgot Is Finally Released!

Richard Heimer

30 th  March 2020

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The first Star Guardian skin came out in 2015, and since then, people have been begging for Star Guardian Urgot. It originally began as a meme; the idea of such an ugly Champion in an over the top glittery outfit was a funny thought. It seems that Riot also thought it was funny, which is why we are getting the long-awaited Star Guardian Urgot Skin! Or at least, something similar.

 It’s not truly Star Guardian Urgot. It is actually Pajama Guardian Urgot, which, while quite similar, has several key differences. What are they? Glad I asked;

Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot First Impressions

league of legends pajama guardian cosplay urgot skin

 That’s right, technically Urgot isn’t even a Pajama Guardian. He’s just his normal self, cosplaying as a Pajama Guardian. He still looks adorable, though, and we’ll take what we can get.

Fun Fact: Riot once said that they would ‘never release Star Guardian Urgot.’ And technically, they still haven’t. Urgot is a Pyjama Guardian for a start, and even then, he’s only pretending to be one. Either way, we’re thrilled that Riot gave their creative team the go-ahead to make this skin a reality.

We understand why Riot would claim that Urgot is cosplaying as a Pajama Guardian – after all, it makes it challenging to preserve the lore when you have an evil monster as a protector of light and all things nice. However, we have a sneaking suspicion that he’s doing a bit more than cosplaying.

For a start, his auto-attacks are bright sparks of blue light. His Corrosive Charge ability explodes into a shining star, sending Yuuto out to a target location – Yuuto is the companion of Star Guardian Ezreal, and cannot survive far from his gauntlet. This is more than a little bit suspicious. After all, wouldn’t the real Star Guardians have caught wind of this if he really was just cosplaying?

His outfit is on point though, so perhaps he’s fooled even the Star Guardians themselves. In fact, the whole thing looks a little too much like Pajama Guardian Ezreals onesie for our liking. Plus, in his splash art, there is a bunch of Ezreal Merch in the background. The idea that Urgot stole the cat onesie and is now masquerading as Ezreal is hilarious. He just wants to braid people’s hair and get into pillow fights, but they would never accept him for the monster that he is.

As Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot however, they have no choice but to invite him to the sleepover! After all, look at those kitten slippers – he has a slipper for every foot, and it’s almost enough to make us look past the fact that he’s a psychotic cyborg.

In addition to all that, his machine gun now fires rainbow pellets, and his ultimate sucks unsuspecting foes into his stomach. This isn’t the worst fate, though, as his stomach is filled with cuddly kittens.

If you’re hoping to pick up Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot, you won’t have to wait long! He hits the League of Legends store on the 1st of April and will cost 1350 RP. Alongside Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot, Riot is also releasing Pengu Cosplay Tristana and Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar.

The release of Pajama Guardian Urgot gives us hope. After all, if Riot are willing to make one of LoL’s oldest and craziest meme skins into a reality, why not others? Let’s take a look at what we might have to look forward to;

Other Amazing Meme Skins

league of legends kda gragas skin

Throughout LoL’s long history, we’ve seen many skins become a reality that were previously mere memes. Dunkmaster Darius had been joked about for ages before its actual release. If it wasn’t for the community calling Teemo a Devil, we would never have gotten Little Devil Teemo.

Other skin concepts deserve our attention, though. The more we talk about these skin ideas, the closer they get to becoming real. So, what meme skins do we think Riot have in the works?

KDA Gragas

Back in 2019, Riot Artists got together to draw the fanbases deepest desires. This included “Rock Malphite,” “Scissors Camille,” and “Paper Ivern.” While this skin trio was cool, it was nothing compared to a skin that no one knew they needed – KDA Gragas.

Pictured above, this skin works for a couple of reasons; first off, It has been over 2 years since Gragas last got a new skin. KDA Gragas would draw more players to the Champion, and it would also help with inclusivity. 

Sure, KDA is a girls band, but there’s no reason that they can’t have male backup dancers. Personally, we think Gragas has the right kind of fun-loving personality to pull this off. And just look at that outfit, the way he is seductively pouring that Graggy Ice over himself. Incidentally, he’s pouring it out of Ahri’s washing machine, and please note the diamond belly button piercing. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, his duckface surely will.

Pool Party Oriana

If anyone is due a skin, it’s Oriana! The last skin she received was almost 3 years ago, and we had to wait over 4 years for that skin to be released. This is not including her Legacy Skins or her Victorious Skin of course, as many players were unable to obtain them - if you do wish to grab Victorious Oriana though, be sure to check out our Unranked Smurfs skin store. You could also own the rare Victorious Jarvan, King Rammus, and more. Anyway, back to Pool Party Oriana;

It’s clear that Oriana could use a new skin, and we know for a fact that Riot have thought about Pool Party Oriana. If you pay close attention to Pool Party Lee Sin’s splash art, you will see a robot walking toward the waves. Of course a robot in the water is a terrible idea. However, we could definitely see her on the beach, doing some light reading.

We would also like to point out that Pool Party Zac appeared in a Pool Party Splash art before being released. Riot intentionally does this to see what players think of the Champion, and if they like it, Riot makes it.

Now, what does every Pool Party need? A beach ball. And who better to bring that to the table than Oriana? When she uses her ultimate, waves could drag enemies in. It would be so simple to make something creative out of this idea.

Cottontail Rek’Sai

league of legends minimap

We had to slap some bunny ears on a picture of Rek’Sai to create this skin, as we just thought of the idea. Think about it though; Rek’Sa has just received a new skin after waiting almost 5 years. This brings the total number of skins she has to 3, which is quite sad.

There aren’t many Cottontail skins out there either – only 2, in fact, and given how big a holiday Easter is, there should be more. Of course, many skins can double as Easter skins, but they aren’t official.

What’s so brilliant about the idea of Cottontail Reksai is that Riot wouldn’t even have to put in much work. Sure, she doesn’t hop like Cottontail Teemo or Fizz, but she does burrow. In fact, we would dress her up like the mutant rabbit from the Cottontail Fizz splash art. Red eyes, buck teeth, a fuzzy terror, lurking feet beneath the soil's surface.

Her ‘Prey Seeker’ ability could fire a giant Easter egg too. In fact, why not take her tremor sense and add a carrot icon over Champions. When she mutated into what she is now, she gained intelligence but lost reason. Cottontail Rek’Sai sees any and all enemies as carrots to munch on.

If you want Riot to make one of these skins, then be sure to comment about it down below. Post about your desire for it on the League of Legends boards, and perhaps they will become realities. After all, it’s happened in the past.

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