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The Most Common LoL Skins

Richard Heimer

11 th  January 2016

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We already know what the rarest skins in League of Legends are so now it's time to turn our attention to the most common skins! Our handy infographic below shows the 4 most common skins in League of Legends, along with the number of players who own them and some information about each skin. Even though these skins are the most common it's not actually often you'll see some of them in game. For example, Judgement Kayle has a large amount of owners since most people playing in Season 1 received the skin for free, but the majority of those people no longer play LoL. Sadly there's no data about skins on active accounts only, so ownership is all we have to go on for now.

The Most Common Skins In League Of Legends

Most Popular League of Legends Skins

#1 - Unchained Alistar

Unchained Alistar is the most common skin in League of Legends, owned by over 330,000 players. The skin was available for free after subscribing to the Riot Games YouTube channel, but is now no longer available.

#2 - Riot Girl Tristana

Riot Girl Tristana is the second most common skins in League of Legends, owned by around 320,000 players. This skin was available for free when players liked the Riot Games Facebook page, but is no longer available.

#3 - Dreadknight Garen

Dreadknight Garen is the third most popular skin in League of Legends with around 190,000 owners. It is available to all players who follow @LoLEU on Twitter and can still be claimed.

#4 - Judgement Kayle

Despite being the fourth most common skin in League of Legends with over 160,000 owners, Judgement Kayle is actually quite rare to see in game. The reason for its high ownership numbers is that everyone who played 10 or more games in Season One received the skin for free - however most of these players/accounts are no longer active. Because of this Judgement Kayle is actually considered to be a rare LoL skin, despite having high ownership numbers.

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