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Top 5 League of Legends Christmas Gifts!

Richard Heimer

19 th  December 2019

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Top League of Legends Christmas Gifts!

League of Legends might not be the merriest of games, but most of us have found a friend or two through it. Why not surprise that special pal with a little gift this holiday season?

We’ve put together a list of the finest festive presents to pick up for your pals – plus, we have tested out most of these present suggestions, and they now sit on our desks and beds!

Frostfire Tibbers Plush

league of legends tibbers gift

Available from the Riot store for $30.00. this adorable teddy is worth every penny. First off, he’s the perfect height for swinging about as you skip along.

In fact, he even seems to have extra beads in his paws, to make him that much more comfortable while swinging. If you have a friend who wants to Cosplay as Frostfire Annie, then this is a must-have accessory.

Another reason Frostfire Tibbers is such a brilliant Christmas gift is that he’s a polar bear – a polar bear who’s bundled up in a knitted hat and scarf, all snug for the wintry months ahead.

The fabric is soft and cuddly, and as with all of Riots plushies, it’s such high quality that it won’t get too torn over time. That being said, you might be able to find a cheaper one on Amazon, but we haven’t been able to find one.

If you’re looking for a chunkier bear, you can purchase the XL Frostfire Tibbers Plush. He stands at almost 3 and a half feet tall, but comes with an eyewatering price tag of $125.00! A bit much for our wallet to handle, but if you really want to treat someone then go ahead – both are equally stunning!

Thresh Inspired Hoodie

league of legends thresh hoodie gift

Unlike many League of Legends hoodies, this one doesn’t look ridiculous. The colour choices compliment each other nicely, and the fabric is both breathable and comfortable. While it does look like Thresh’s colour scheme, it’s not until the hood is up that you know for sure.

The strange, black skull upon the hoodie is clearly that of Thresh, and at this point you might be thinking that it’s not very Christmassy. Okay, that’s a fair point. However it is pretty creepy, so hopefully, it will keep all the ignorant relatives away come Christmas day. It’s also nice and warm, so you can go and build Snow Poro’s without fear of freezing.

League of Legends Poro Christmas Sweater

league of legends poro sweater gift

Christmas is a time of traditions; Mulled Wine, Christmas Crackers, Christmas Carols, and of course, Christmas Sweaters. To avoid traditions becoming worn out, it’s a good idea to mix the old and the new.

This could take many forms – switching Turkey out for ham is a common one. This seems a little extreme to us, and if you have a friend who probably feels the same way, then check out this incredible Poro sweater.

We’re not sure if itchy Christmas sweaters are something everyone deals with, or if it was just the ones our Grandma knitted. Either way, you won’t have that problem with these sweaters at all!

The fabric is super soft, and even after plenty of washes it doesn’t seem to fade. As for the design, it’s pretty inspired.

Even if you’re not a League of Legends player, you can still appreciate the three Poros, you might believe they’re some kind of snow creature. And let’s be honest, Poro’s as basically snowballs with legs anyway.

A couple of cinnamon rolls, leaves, and plenty of snow helps tie this sweater together. For such a low price, you can’t go wrong!

Volibear Collectible Plush

league of legends volibear gift

The owner of this huggable Volibear plush can sleep safe from ganks this Christmas! Plus, if you’re feeling extra generous, you could also get your friend Frostfire Tibbers. The combination of both of them together would be unbearably adorable.

 Sitting at 8.5 inches high, there’s just enough bear to hug, without him taking up all the bed.

As for the quality, well he’s from the Riot Games official Merch store, so it’s pretty much guaranteed! We whole-heartedly recommend this armoured fluff ball if Frostfire Tibbers is a bit out of your price range.

League of Legends Role Rings

league of legends role rings gift

Sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated for playing the Support and having to save everyone’s butts all the frigging time. If your friend mains a role and is proud of it, then why not pick up one of these as an Xmas gift?

At just over $25, it isn’t the cheapest present, but keep in mind that it is stainless steel. You don’t want to be picking up your friends an easy rust ring for Christmas.

Now, the iissue with some gaming merch is that they’re so over the top on brand, to the point of being cringy. That’s not something that you’ll run into with this ring however. With a sleek black finish, the only sign of League of Legends is the name of the role. It’s subtle enough that people won’t side-eye you in public, while still being eye-catching to a League of Legends fan.

If your lucky friend is an average LoL player who mains multiple roles, then this ring might be better suited for him instead. Disclaimer; This ring might not be for your friend if they’re more salt than human.

Those are our top 5 League of Legends Christmas gift ideas, but hold on, we have one extra recommendation for you! If, like most of us, your friend doesn’t spend much time outside of League of Legends, then why not get him an in-game gift? Sure, you could get him a skin, but we have something a little more special.

League of Legends Christmas Smurf

league of legends smurf gift

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than by sleighing some noobs? Not only are our smurfs carefully hand-levelled, but many of them come with fantastically frosty skins!

Figure out what Champions your friend likes to play, and then treat him to the likes of “Snowmerdinger,” “Snowstorm Sivir,” “Re-Gifted Amumu” and more! If you're not sure which Snowdown skin to get, then check out our favourite picks here! Click below now to view our range of smurfs,

With that, we have reached the end of our list. We hope you manage to find the perfect presents for all your friends, and we wish you the happiest of holidays!

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