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URF 2016 Data & Win rates

Richard Heimer

27 th  April 2016

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Ultra Rapid Fire mode for League of Legends has gone once more but to satisfy your thirst for more URF here are some of the awesome statistics that we gathered from this years event. The most important statistic is the win rate (of course!) so we created a handy infographic for you to share with your friends.

We've also included other noteable statistics that you could find interesting such as play rates and more!

Ultra Rapid Fire Win Rate Statistics

The most important statistics are the win rates!

Here is our infographic for URF 2016:

URF 2016 Win Rates

It looks like Galio had the highest win rate for URF 2016 at 66.2%. The lowest win rate was Tahm Kench who won only a third of his games (33.3%). The full list of winrates for URF 2016 can be found here.

Most Played Champions in URF 2016

The most popular champion in URF this year was Ezreal with a play rate of 31.8%! That's around 1 in every 3 games. In a close second was Zed with 31% followed by Shaco (27.7%), Blitzcrank (26.6%) and Lux (26.5%).

The least played champion in URF 2016 was Elise (0.7%) or Kalista (0.7%). This means these champions were in only 7 out of every 1000 games!

Other Fun URF Facts

Aside from the URF 2016 win rates there are some other fun URF facts that we can look at - Here are some of the more unique ones:

During the URF period there were around 17,000 YouTube videos uploaded - That's over 2 videos every minute.

Garen could use his E twice at once giving him double damage on this ability. This was calculated to deal around 1250 damage every second.

Jhin could one shot the dragon by laying his traps under it and waiting for it to spawn.

The popularity of URF has slightly decreased with it currently only 58% of players enjoying it.

That's all the facts we have but don't forget URF will be back in just a few weeks thanks to the new rotating game mode queue.

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