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What is a Hand leveled account

Alistar Smyth

20 th  November 2022

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For those unfamiliar with game-specific terms, a hand leveled account means that a person has manually leveled an account. In league of legends this usually means to level 30 or above, the level at which a ranked queue becomes available.

How much can hand leveled accounts cost

Generally, the starting price for a hand leveled account from a reputable seller is around 35 American dollars. Such a price is very reasonable as the time required to get an account to level 30 takes just over 100 hours. However, the price for a hand leveled accounts can go way above this depending on a multitude of factors:

  • A number of skins and their rarity.
  • A number of champions and an amount of blue essence.
  • Amount of riot points.
  • Other relevant factors.
  • MMR of the account if it’s leveled in Normal games

Where to buy Hand leveled accounts

There are a couple of sites where you can buy hand leveled accounts. However, none is better than Unranked Smurfs. We have a wide selection of accounts, we offer a lifetime guarantee on the accounts we sell, and we are one of the most reputable sites in the account-selling scene with exceptionally high customer satisfaction. We’ve been in this business for over 7 years and know the ins and outs of it.

Why is it essential to buy Hand leveled

So why should you buy a hand leveled account when a botted account is six times cheaper? Well, if you are looking for a new main, a hand leveled account is the way to go. The reason is it provides you with security. A botted account can get banned at any point in the future, be it a week from now or several years. Making all the resources and effort, you would have invested go down the drain. If you want to read more about that, we have a dedicated article about botted accounts.

How to tell if your account is botted

No method will definitely prove that an account has been botted at a glance. However, there are some telltale signs that an account is most likely botted.

One of the most evident signs that it’s a botted account is, most if not all of the games played on it are vs AI. However, a lot of professional levelers will play only vs AI to guarantee fresh MMR and speed up the leveling process. Poor KDAs, weird builds, and poor rune and summoner spell choices guarantee that a bot has leveled the account. However, a well-programmed bot might perform relatively well and follow correct itemizations. What do you do then?

See if there are any games played vs humans and how the performance in those games has been. If the scores seem relatively normal or dare we say good, then it’s most likely a hand leveled account.

Other than that, as an ordinary player, you cannot check whether an account is botted or not. So the best course of action is to buy only from reputable sellers to make sure you are guaranteed to get a hand leveled account.

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