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League of Legends Worlds 2017 In Numbers: A Summary

Richard Heimer

8 th  November 2017

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The 2017 League of Legends World Championships have finally finished and what an event it was. Not only did Samsung Galaxy beat SKT1, but there were also plenty of shocks from the European teams who took the tournament by storm.

In the end, there could only be 1 winner, and this year Samsung Galaxy proved to everyone that they deserved it. To remind you of all the action that took place throughout the tournament, we’re looking at some of the fascinating statistics behind Worlds 2017.

We’ve hand-picked 7 of our favorite stats from the tournament and explained what makes each one of them so unique. Here’s a quick glance of the 2017 Worlds Championship in numbers.


We start our list with the number 40, the same number that ended up being the most kills in a single tournament game. Taking place on day 5 of the tournament, the GIGABYTE Marines took on Longzhu Gaming which turned out to be a pretty epic game. Lasting 48 minutes long, the game saw 6 dragons and 3 barons, resulting in a spectacular win for Longzhu Gaming.

Overall, between the 2 teams, they managed to rack up 40 kills with GIGABYTE Marines taking 16 and Longzhu Gaming taking 24. Fans will remember this as an absolute massacre with the first kill coming in just under 2 minutes and continuing the same pace throughout the game.


This number might seem like it’s something relating to a champions pick or ban rate, but it’s actually the win rate of the blue side throughout the tournament. If you read our previous post on why the blue side win more games, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that the blue side came out on top. However, what is interesting is the percentage difference.

The data from our studies put the blue side at an advantage of 52.6%. Compare this to the World's blue side win percentage, and it's significantly higher. This goes to show that even the pros can’t seem to overcome the obvious side advantage. The next time you’re in game and end up on the blue side, you should be rubbing your hands with delight!


Next up on our list of World's 2017 statistics is the number 9. This figure comes from the player with the highest KDA ratio in the tournament who just so happens to be a substitute junglers for Samsung Galaxy. The substitute Haru played 1 game in the tournament as Ezreal and managed to pull off a respectable 3/1/6. For those of you that don’t know how to calculate the KDA, you add up the kills and assists then divide by the number of deaths.

Although Haru did have the highest KDA, he only played 1 game. For those wondering who was second, it was actually the Royale Never Give Up AD carry Uzi, with an impressive KDA of 8.5 over 15 games.


19 is an age in your life when you have some responsibility, but are still waiting to reach 21 when the real fun begins. However, for the Royale Never Give Up AD carry Uzi, 19 was way more than enough to have plenty of fun.

Throughout the tournament, Uzi managed to collect an impressive 19 kills from a single game putting him in the number 1 spot. In second place was Noway, the AD carry from GIGABYTE Marines, scoring a respectable total of 11 while also taking on the same team from which Uzi managed to grab 19.


Continuing with our Worlds 2017 statistics, the next number we have is 602. This number represents the highest amount of farm in a single game. During Royale Never Give Up vs Fnatic, the Fnatic AD carry Rekkles brought in 602 cs in just over 43 minutes. Compare this to 2nd place which had 515 cs in 40 minutes, and Rekkles nearly got 100 more CS in 3 minutes.

It wasn’t just the highest farm for a single game Rekkles won, his consistency in game also helped win him the top farmer of the entire tournament. With an average CS of 10.9 a minute, Rekkles even managed to beat the farm of Uzi from Royale Never Give Up. We certainly wish there were more players in LoL that took their CS as seriously as Rekkles.


Next up is this pretty high percentage that no matter what it represents can be viewed as fairly impressive. When you think of a high win rate you probably think of SKT1, after all, they have got 3 World Championships under their belt.

However, this year a different team took the trophy for the highest win rate, but that wasn’t the only trophy lifted. The 81% win rate comes from Samsung Galaxy and their impressive run ending in 13 wins and only 3 losses. Not only did they get the most wins of the tournament, but ultimately they came first.


In a tournament where the average game length is just under 36 minutes, 1 match has to take the record for the shortest game. In this year's World Championships, the title of the shortest game went to a match between Fnatic and Longzhu Gaming. At just under 21 minutes long this game was by far the shortest and was an absolute noob stomp for Longzhu Gaming. Without letting Fnatic take a single dragon, or kill Longzhu showed the world what they were about and sent a strong message to the rest of the teams.

There’s our quick highlight of the World Championship in numbers. If you enjoyed the tournament and want a review of the best moment from the event, then check out this short highlight video below.

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