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Arcade Miss Fortune Skin Information And Accounts

Arcade Miss Fortune Lol Skin

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Arcade Miss Fortune Skin Information

Availability Available
Price 1350 RP
Concept Miss Fortune as a retro warrior
Model New model changes
Particles New particles for abilities
Animations New death and recall animations
Sounds New retro sound effects
Rarity common
Release date 12/08/2014

Released back in August of 2014, Arcade Miss Fortune has much in common with all the other Arcade skins, such as Arcade Sona and Arcade Riven. They always have a vintage video game feel to them, with pixelated graphics and retro sound effects. Not only that, but it also has a few similarities with another Miss Fortune skin; Star Guardian Miss Fortune

Star Guardian Miss Fortune also boasts bright colours and unique sound effects. The animation graphics even have a similar feel, as they’re both colourful and fun. With that said, Arcade is still a unique individual, who comes packed with plenty of unique features!

Her outfit is a dazzling amalgamation of gaudy colours – not only does she wear knee-high boots, but she also sports a golden cap that belongs back in the ’70s! Plus, her guns pretty slick too.

It appears to be some sort of nerf gun – magically enhanced; if the damage its glowing bullets deal is any indication!

Plus, Arcade Miss Fortune leaves behind a glittering trail of hearts and stars whenever her ‘Strut’ ability is active. Additionally, her ultimate is a barrage of bright colours and a series of sound bursts that sound kinda like the gun noises in Space Raiders. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from this kind of skin!

If you enjoy playing Miss Fortune, we recommend you purchase it – or if you’re trying to collect all the Arcade skins so you can boast about your collection.

That being said, if you really want to boast about something, then you need a skin that is truly rare;

PAX Jax, Silver Kayle and King Rammus are but a few examples of skins that haven’t been available in the LoL store for a long time – that doesn’t mean you can’t get one to show off to your friends though.

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