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Ironside Malphite Skin Information And Accounts

Ironside Malphite Lol Skin

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Ironside Malphite Skin Information

Availability Available In Store
Price 975 RP
Concept Malphite as a walking ship
Model Model changes and new textures
Particles New particles for all abilities
Animations New recall and abilities animation
Sounds New sounds effects for abilities and recall animation
Rarity common
Release date 08/11/2015

Ironside Malphite is a common skin that was released in October 2015.

Malphite shares the skin theme with Sea Hunter Aatrox, Rogue Admiral Garen, and Corsair Quinn. Together these 4 make the perfect ship crew!

The skin features Malphite completely transformed into a walking ship with sails, cannons, and a ship’s wheel to name a few features. Compared to his other skins this is a dramatic transformation, and he is almost unrecognizable. Don’t be fooled by his wooden appearance, he’s still as solid as ever!

The Ironside Malphite skin is loaded with new particles and his Seismic Shard now fires a ships wheel instead of a shard. His Brutal Strikes ability now set his hands-on fire as he auto attacks and damages his enemies.

The skin also features a new recall animation where Malphite fires his cannons on his back similar to Gangplank’s Cannon Barrage before finally recalling. His ultimate animation has also been changed to him firing his cannons as he charges forward into his enemies and knocks them up.

To complete the skin, it also includes new sound effects for his recall animation and abilities. When Malphite is hit, instead of it sounding like rock, he now sounds like wood.

The skin is currently available in store for 975 RP and is likely to remain in the store for a while. This unique skin is plenty of fun to play with and is loaded with new animations, sounds, and particles. If you like the sound of playing as a ship, then assemble your crew and buy this skin.

Ironside Malphite Images

Ironside Malphite League of Legends Skin
Ironside Malphite Skin Animations
Ironside Malphite Recall
Ironside Malphite Ultimate

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