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Victorious Morgana Skin Information And Accounts

Victorious Morgana Lol Skin

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Victorious Morgana Skin Information

Availability Not Available in Store
Price End of Season 4 Reward
Concept Morgana dressed in a blue armoured dress with gold tints
Model Morgana’s amour and texture has been changed as well as a new aura
Particles New particles for abilities including auto attack and recall
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity semi-rare
Release date 11/11/2014

Victorious Morgana is a rare end of season reward which is no longer available.

This skin was awarded to all players who achieved the Gold tier or higher at the end of season 4. The skin is 1 of the 5 Victorious themes skins available including other champions such as Elise, Janna and Jarvan.

Released on 11th November 2014 this skin is the 2nd most recent Victorious skin released. All players that were eligible had the skin automatically added to their account at the end of season 4.

The skin features Morgana in her new Victorious blue armour with a golden trim around the edge. She also has a new helmet with golden horns sticking out.

The sounds and animations have not been changed while the particles for her auto attacks and recalls have been updated to match the theme. This is a rare skin as there is no way to obtain it now season 4 has finished.

The skin is currently not available in game as it was an end of season reward which has been and gone. If you really want the Victorious Morgana skin then the only way to get it is to purchase an account with it redeemed.

Victorious Morgana Images

Victorious Morgana League of Legends Skin
Victorious Morgana League of Legends Skin Abilities
Victorious Morgana League of Legends
Victorious Morgana LoL Skin

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