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Oceania League of Legends Account

Championship Riven & Whistler Village Twitch!

Account Details

USD 824.20

There's plenty of excellent skins on offer here, including the incredibly rare Vancouver Amumu!


Blue Essence

The number of Blue Essence on this account. These points can be used to unlock champions and purchase runes.


Account Rank

The rank of this account in the current season. This decides the end of season rewards.


Riot Points

The number of Riot Points on this account. These can be used to unlock champions and buy skins.


Skin Count

The Number of League of Legends skins on this account. You can view all of these below.


Account Level

The Account Level starts at 1, and affects which game modes players can play. To play ranked your account must be level 30.


Champion Count

This is the number of champions the account has available. You can view a list of these below.

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