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Dumb ways to Die in LoL

Richard Heimer

15 th  April 2016

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League of Legends is the world’s most popular strategy game which punishes players for making mistakes.

Some mistakes are acceptable but there are other mistakes that baffle us. Tower diving someone when you only have 250 HP is an example of a stupid decision which has no excuse. Making silly mistakes like this can cost you the game and hurt your ELO.

Dumb Ways To Die In League Of Legends

Tower Dive an Aatrox or Anivia

Prehistoric Eggnivia

A miscalculated tower dive is a pretty dumb way to die. Tower diving an Aatrox or Anivia with their passive is a very dumb way to die. You basically have to kill them twice in order to get the kill and the whole time you are going to take an extremely high amount of damage from the tower shots. This will result in almost certain death without even picking up the kill on the enemy Anivia who simply rebirths and goes back to the shop with her 300 gold.

Fall for a Blitzcrank Bait

Blitzcrank is a frustrating champion because he can pull you in to the entire enemy team. Thankfully this grab doesn’t pass through minions so good positioning is rewarded. The problem is when you are in the Jungle and there’s nothing to hide behind. It’s so common for players to chase a low health champion only to be pulled into the fog of war by a Blitzcrank hook to face their death. Certainly a dumb way to die. Don't chase people on low health and just remember: If the situation looks too good to be true – it probably is.

Chase a Singed

The number one rule of League of Legends is do not chase Singed. The number two rule of Leagues of Legends is do not chase Singed emits a poison trial behind him which deals damage to all enemies that stand in it. This means if you follow a Singed he’s going to be dealing constant damage to you. When your entire team does this then he’s going to end up with a pentakill and you are all going to end up embarrassed.

Push without Vision

Vision is one of the most powerful tools in League of Legends and it’s important you use it to its full potential. When you push deep into the enemy side of the Rift and you don’t have vision on the enemy team what do you think is going to happen? The fact that you can answer that question and yet people still do it proves that this is one of the dumbest ways to die in League of Legends. It’s frustrating and there’s no excuse for it.

Try to Solo Baron

League of Legends Baron

Baron is an epic monster which requires teamwork to bring down. While he’s easier than a vanilla World of Warcraft raid boss he’s still almost impossible to solo (without the right build or champion) and he’s quite difficult to two man. This means you probably shouldn’t try it, and yet we still regularly see fed people think that they can take down the Baron solo. It usually results in them being executed but in the worst situations they end up getting caught and giving the enemy a free kill.

Chase an AP Shaco

AP Shaco deals a lot of damage using his boxes. Unfortunately the boxes also fear you which means you can’t run away from them. By stacking a lot of these boxes on top of each other Shaco can easily deal tonnes of damage to the entire enemy team and get a pentakill like in the above video. One trick that’s commonly used by Shaco is to place these boxes into a brush and then lure an unsuspecting champion onto them causing them to die very quickly. This is usually extremely obvious and if you are stupid enough to follow an AP Shaco then you certainly deserve to be in our list of dumb ways to die.

Dying to Thornmail

When a champion builds the Thornmail item it basically means that a portion of any physical damage you deal to them will be dealt back to you. This damage reflection literally means you can kill yourself if you aren’t careful. It takes a special League of Legends player to take their HP from 100% to 0% without noticing that it’s their own auto attacks doing it so we think this is definitely a dumb way to die.

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