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The Best League Of Legends Jokes

Richard Heimer

26 th  July 2018

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Everyone loves a game of League of Legends and most people like jokes but what happens when we put them together? We get League of Legends jokes! We aren’t talking about the jokes from the champions inside the game – we’re talking about good old-fashioned humour that you can share with your friends. 

Just note that we aren’t going to be held responsible for any friends that dislike your League of Legends jokes so much that they aren’t your friends anymore.

The Best League Of Legends Joke List

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Not everything in League of Legends is suitable for all parts of the family. Imagine the horror on the face of your elders if they could see the insults thrown around on the rift? Well it’s okay because here are some League of Legends jokes that you won’t mind telling your parents at the dinner table. Just remember that your parents are old so the last time they played computer games they probably used floppy disks.

Q: What do you call a missing Warwick?

A: A WHEREwolf!

Q: What do you call a game-winning laser?

A: Viktor-E!

Q: Did you hear what happened to Singed's Twitter followers?

A: They all died.

Q: What do you do to a toxic Zyra?

A: You repot her!

Q: Why is Twisted Fate an illegal immigrant?

A: Because he doesn’t have a green card!

Lee Sin walks into a bar… and a table… and a chair.

Q: What do you call Kennen when he is stunned in Lightning Rush?

A: Static Electricity.

Q: Why can’t Sivir win the spelling bee?

A: She can only spell shield!

Q: Why did Fizz fall off his pole?

A: Because he’s so unbalanced.

Noc Noc
Who’s There?

I heard Yorick has a crush on a certain ADC. He really digs graves.

Yorick walks into a bar. There’s no counter.

Q: How many bronze players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Who knows – They can’t climb the ladder.

A Korean boy killed his best friend after losing three games in a row in League of Legends. The media are currently blaming the Jungler.

Q: Why is Yasuo never locked out of his house?

A: Because he always Hasaki!

Potentially Offensive League of Legends Jokes 

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Not all League of Legends jokes are suitable for all audiences, but it would be a shame to not include them in our list. This is why we’ve added a section of jokes which might offend certain groups of people in society. It’s probably a good idea not to tell these League of Legends jokes to your parents.

Q: Why did the manaless Syndra run from the teamfight?

A: She didn't have the balls!

Q: Who beats Orianna mid lane?

A: Ochrisbrown.

Q: Why can’t Olaf find a handicapped parking spot?

A: He can’t be disabled.

Q: What do you call Annie after first blood?

A: A woman.

Q: Why was Caitlyn pulled over on the highway?

A: She was going AD miles per hour.

A few moments Later
Q: Why was Lucian pulled over on the highway?

A: Because the racial issues in the United States have reached a fever pitch.

Q: Why did Riot take off LeBlanc's silence?

A: So she can hear the screams of her enemy as she one shots them

Cringe League of Legends Jokes 

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Sometimes a joke can be so bad it’s funny. This is a list of League of Legends jokes that we figured are so terrible we would hide them at the bottom of the article. These are the League of Legends jokes that will drive your friends away and potentially get you reported in games for being so bad.

Q: Why did Sivir lose the spelling bee?

A: She could only spell shield!

Q: How does Janna shield her allies?

A: With Ease. (With E's)

Q: What is Vaynes favourite website?

A: Tumblr

Q: Why does Viktor make a great support?

A: Because he always has a spare helping hand!

Q: Why does Viktor always win his lane?

A: Because he always has the upper hand!

Q: Why couldn’t the potato play ADC?

A: Because no one would peel for him.

Q: What do you call a Malphite getting a double kill against Azir and Anivia?

A: Killing two birds with one stone.

Q: Why did Fiddlesticks the Scarecrow get promoted?

A: Because he was outstanding in his field.

Q: Why does a chef love cooking for Ekko?

A: Because he always goes back 4 seconds.

Q: What do you call a fizz that builds Zonyas?

A: A Goldfish

Q: Why does Teemo live in a small house?

A: Because he doesn’t need mushroom.
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So there we have it, the best League of Legends jokes - Did you enjoy our funny League of Legends jokes? Well then maybe you'll want to check out our blog for more League of Legends related content. Alternatively, you could check out the competition for free League of Legends RP by clicking on the big yellow button below.

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