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Funny League of Legends Bugs You Need To See

Richard Heimer

12 th  April 2018

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League of Legends might be the world's most popular game but it's had some very strange bugs in its time.

One of the funniest things about League of Legends has to be some of the bugs that the spaghetti code has produced. As Riot added more champions to League of Legends the game increased in complexity. One of the side effects of this is that some champions have rather unique interactions with other champions on the rift. We've collected our favorite League of Legends bugs for you to view here. If you think we've missed one then let us know on our twitter or comment down below.

Funny League of Legends Bugs

1. Zerg Rush

Back in 2009 League of Legends was a young game with very few champions. For this reason there were some very strange interactions in the game with the more complicated champions. One of the most complicated champions, Heimderdinger, had the ability to stack his teams minions within his own base by blocking them with his turrets. While this doesn't sound like a very helpful bug it was actually insanely powerful.

Heimerdinger would place his turrets in the middle lane blocking all the minions and then he would wait. After a lot of minions have spawned he would then remove his turrets unleashing a huge creep wave down the central lane. This tsunami of creeps would destroy the enemy towers and move onto the Nexus, all the while Heimerdinger would probably be telling people to 'raise their dongers' or something.

2. Baron Attacks Towers

Baron is an extremely strong League of Legends jungle mob that resides in his own little pit. He usually requires multiple team members to defeat him and can easily kill a solo champion. Thankfully he's unable to move and isn't a threat unless you decide to attack him first.

Unfortunately, nobody told the original Poppy this as her charge ability could physically push Baron to wherever she wanted him. To make things worse Baron would actually attack turrets quite easily destroying them. This would work for both teams which led to some trolling. If your team fancied an easy Baron then Poppy could easily push him onto the summoner platform where the laser would destroy him granting her entire team the Baron buff.

3. Global Robot Amumu Laugh

This is easily one of the strangest League of Legends bugs that made it through to live. When players used the laugh emote on Robot Amumu then it could be heard globally by everyone. This bug was also extremely freaky because the laugh didn't sound quite right. Check out the above video to see what we mean.

This bug made another appearance in 2015 but this time it affected the Statue of Karthus skin and granted him global Eagle sounds. Here's a video of this League of Legends bug.

4. League of Taunty

This bug was hilarious. When a jungle mob was taunted by a champion a message in the chat would appear which simply said "Taunty". Since the meta at this time featured Ahri, Shen and Rammus this bug was quickly noticed as it appeared in every single game and would spam the chat. It got to the point where it became a meme.

The apparent reason for this League of Legends bug is that To test bugs, Riot uses global announcements on their internal servers. Sometimes (Taunty and DistanceB), they sometimes forget to remove them before going to live.

5. Instant Teleport

We aren't sure if this was a League of Legends bug or just lazy coding. The summoner spell Teleport was actually coded as a debuff which meant that players could use cleanse to instantly remove it. This would then instantly teleport the player without the channel time and would lead to some pretty sick plays like the Skarner one shown above. Gangplank also benefited from this buff because he could eat an orange remove the debuff.

6. Jax's New Ultimate

Did you know that Riot gave Jax an ultimate similar to that of Pantheons?

Actually never mind - It's just a bug! There was a time where Jax could use his Q ability to jump to a target and it would always take him to his target. This meant that Jax could chase champions that used movement based abilities such as teleport. This would make it look like Jax had used the Pantheon ultimate and was hilarious for the Jax player, but not so funny for his opponent.

7. Report Taric AFK

There have been some funky bugs around Alistair but this is one of our favorites. He punched Taric so hard that he flew into the air for a total of eleven whole seconds. Poor Taric - although he'll make short work of Alistair with his new rework.

8. Darius Teleport

Teleport is one of the biggest sources of League of Legends bugs and it continued to deliver well into the release of Darius. By using his Q ability at the end of his teleport he could pull people onto his own summoner platform. He actually ended up doing this to the entire enemy team giving him a pentakill!

9. Karthus God Mode

Karthus is known for being a cheese champion that can kill you even after he's died. Well, what if you supercharged Karthus and made him unkillable? Well with this bug, that's exactly what happened. After dying, Karthus's passive kicked in and turned him into his ghost-like statue but the timer never ran out. This put him in his immune state forever, allowing him to soak up damage without harming himself. Imagine having an undead Karthus attacking you forever... scary!

Bonus League of Legends Bug

league of legends funny bug

This is a bonus bug - It's more of an error on Riot's part. They eventually fixed it but the screenshot's were already circulating the internet by the time they had.

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