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Funniest League of Legends Fails 2016

Richard Heimer

26 th  May 2016

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Funniest League of Legends Fails 2016

Everyone fails in LoL now and then, even the best of us. But some fails are so epicly bad and funny that they deserve their own honourable mention. We’ve sat through hours of toe curling cringey fails and now present to you the best top 6 League of Legends fails of 2016.

6. Let Me Recall Please

Sometimes when you have so much gold you just want to get back to the shop to buy some items. The fastest way is to recall, but when there’s enemies roaming around it can be hard to find a safe space. In this LoL fail a little bit of deception can leave the other team baffled.

5. A Little Help From My Friends

When you’re trying to gank a player a little help from your jungler can be great. But sometimes the jungler isn’t the best of players and can lure you into an epic fail. In this video we’re not sure who failed more but one things for sure, it belongs on a top LoL fails list!

4. Nothing Is Guaranteed

This LoL fail is so rare that it doesn't happen very often but when it does it can provoke a tremendous amount of rage. We don’t know about you but we think we’d be as angry if this happened to us!

3. Let's Do Baron Now!

When you’ve just wiped the other team off the map Baron Nashor is basically yours for the killing right? Well in this video it just goes to show how Baron Nashor can really be a game changer and lead your victory… or defeat.

2. Playing Karthus Is Easy?

When you play Karthus you probably think of his OP ultimate that pretty much guarantees kills if used correctly. Well in this video the only thing guaranteed to happen was the hilarious LoL fail that could have easily been avoided!

1. Fooled By A Classic

Sometimes even the best pros suffer epic LoL fails, which is exactly what happened in this video. What’s even more awkward is that it's a classic rookie error but pro player ‘Soren’ from Copenhagen Wolves fell for it.

After watching all those LoL fails you’re probably thinking that’ll never happen to you. But as you can see from the videos these fails happen to everyone on a daily basis, including pro players. Why not look at buying a smurf account to hide your epic fails in the future. No one will know it's you! Click below to check out our range of smurf accounts for different regions.

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