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The Best Gaming Room Ideas 2019

Richard Heimer

14 th  February 2019

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Gaming Room Ideas

If you spend a good chunk of your free time gaming, then you want to ensure that things are in order; You don’t want a desk that’s laden with greasy pizza boxes, and a floor that is more cables than carpet.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite gaming room ideas to help you decorate your own. After delving into the aesthetics of each room, we’ll also give you a short TL;DR list of quick tips to take your interior designing to the next level!

Purple and Clean Gaming Room

purple game room

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, let’s discuss the backlighting;

The dim shades of violet are easy on the eye, and contrast perfectly with the white and black of the desk. That being said, it might be too dim for some users. We need to take care of our eyes while playing video games – and exposure to such a low level of light for an extended period could take its toll.

The PC itself is of high quality, with a H500i Case and Kraken X62 cooler. The mouse appears to be a Logitech G703, and the keyboard a Exclusive E7-V1.

The backlighting is the key element to consider here, as it transforms an otherwise plain desk into a clean, professional gaming station.

Bright Gaming Setup

bright blue game room

 The color contrast here is perfect, you’ll also note a small potted plant sitting atop the PC case. It’s a tiny detail, but a minuscule amount of greenery can bring your gaming area to life.

 It truly stands out with the bright light immediately behind it too, which also illuminates the framed gaming prints.

The case appears to be a NZXT H500 white, and there is also a 1TB Samsung Evo 860 for Anthem sitting on the desk.

The main interior design tip to take away from this image would be to include some foliage – it can genuinely help bring a room together.

Neon Lights Aren’t Necessary

bright blue game room

Using LED lights has become a common stylistic choice when designing gaming setups, but they aren’t essential – as proven in this picture.

The hexagonal pattern takes a simple desk and elevates it into an interesting piece of furniture. The desk itself is from Clutch Chairz, as is the Chair– which, by the way, is one you’ll probably want to consider.

It’s important to have decent back support when gaming for long periods (and we all know that you’ll probably be gaming for a couple of back to back hours.)

If an expensive chair is out of the question and you don’t mind being closer to the ground, a bean bag can be great on your posture!

That being said, the underside of this gaming setup is somewhat cluttered with wires. We recommend that you keep them as orderly as you can. Not only will it make it easier to access them should an issue arise, but it also looks much better!

The Man Cave

bright blue game room

This type of brick wall is minimal, and appeals to many people – however, it can end up feeling like a prison cell. This is a white brick room that done right. Partly due to the flair added by the skateboards.

We also see another example of a small plant bringing a lot to the gaming room, while the desk looks like an interior door slab, and combined with the dollar bill, serves to give the area an eccentric and rustic feel.

Utilize Levels

bright blue game room

One concern you might have when it comes to this room is that you might have to tilt your head back to see the second - however, a reclining chair makes this a fun way to play.

You’ll notice that plenty of objects lie across the desk, but it isn’t cluttered. You want to inject some personality into your gaming room, and this space is oozing with it.

The books tell a story about what kind of guy or gal sits here, as does the guitar in the background, along with the figurines that are scattered here and there. Even if you’re the only person who sees your gaming room, why would you not want to be surrounded by the things you love?

Don’t Neglect Your Wall

In this shot, the main focus is definitely on the huge wall painting of Rick and Morty. We strongly advise you spice up your walls. Plain walls make you seem plain.

Now, let’s discuss the shelf;

While it might seem small, it’s overflowing with details. the Pop Vinyl figures of Deadpool, Groot and others show off the nerdiness of the person who sits here – and they’re bound to intrigue this persons guests.

Additionally, the multi-coloured underlighting on the keyboard is a great touch that will draw all eyes toward the gaming space.

Different But Elegant

bright blue game room

Some people like to refer to their gaming area as a “battle station” but this one deserves the title in our opinion – Not only are the desks chrome, but there’s 3 toward either side of the seat. Plus, the orderliness of it adds to the whole command station feel.

The desks are definitely one of the key elements that helps it stand out from other gaming rooms – plus, It has a window right next to it. This allows plenty of natural light in, which is something we suggest you have, since gaming can sometimes lead us to feeling secluded from the outside world.

Oh and in case you missed it, there’s a whopping total of four monitors!

The contrast between the red wallpaper and the brick wall is nice too. Painting a room more than one colour is one way to instantly make it more tasteful – if done correctly that is; you probably don’t want to go around mixing crimson with lime green.

One improvement we would recommend in regards to this room is the amount of empty space.

There’s lots of free room were a few small personal items could have been included. You don’t want it to feel like a showroom that’s only in the state it’s in because someone wanted to take a picture – which we feel is the case here.

Tips To Brighten Up Your Gaming Room

If you just want a few quick pointers on how you can take your decorating skills to the next level, then here you go!

  1. A Small Plant Goes A Long Way
    As you’ve seen, adding a small fern or a little cactus to your gaming room will add vibrancy to it. You don’t even need a plant that requires much water either!
  2. Add Shelves and Wall Hangings
    Again, you don’t need a lot. A small map of Skyrim or a poster of your Favourite League of Legends character can be just the thing you need! Plus, it’s important to give your eyes a break from the computer now and then, and drywall isn’t particularly engaging.
  3. Keep it clutter free
    It doesn’t matter how nice your desk is, if you’ve got crisp wrappers and empty packets of pot noodles spilling onto the floor, it ruins everything – this also keeps your cables from becoming a spaghetti like bundle. Not only that, but a tidy environment is good for your mental health too.
  4. Make It Yours
    A figurine of your favourite video game character is perfect for this, but don’t be afraid to incorporate other hobbies into your gaming space. If you happen to play games like Dungeons and Dragons, why not keep a handful of dice that compliment your colour scheme nearby? It will give you something to do whilst waiting for your next game of LoL to load up too.
  5. There you have it! Hopefully we’ve helped inspire you to flesh out your gaming room. It’s not enough for the area in which your PC sits to look good though – you want to look good while playing games too.

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