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League of Legends Jokes 2017

Richard Heimer

9 th  January 2017

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The start of the new year can always be a sad time for League of Legends players. Your rank has just been reset and you can no longer sit around playing games like you did over the holidays. Sad times!

To cheer you up, we thought we’d give you some of the best League of Legends jokes so you can start 2017 with a good laugh! We apologize in advance for any bad puns but some of these are just too good to leave out.

With a range of cheerful and risky jokes, we’re sure you’ll find something to tickle your sides.

League Of Legends Puns

League of Legends Joke

Everyone loves a good pun, mainly because they are punny! Luckily for all you pun lovers we have plenty of outrageous puns for you.

Q: What car does Garen drive?

A: A Ford Emacia!

Q: Why is Zilean the master of time?

A: Because he’s got a Zilean clocks!

Q: What do you call an AFK Shyvana?

A: A statikk Shyv!

Q: What is a marksman’s least favorite vegetable?

A: A-kali Flower!

Q: What do you call a Renekton support?

A: Gatoraide!

Q: What do you call a Camille that's stealthed?

A: A Camille-eon

Q: Why did Nami fail her final year at school?

A: All her grades were under C!

Q: What did Aurelion Sol say when he bumped his leg on a wall?

A: Ao, my shin!

Q: What do you call a Warwick that's MIA?

A: A wherewolf!

Q: What is the secret League of Legends religion that every player follows?

A: Siontology!

League Of Legends Jokes

League of Legends Elise Joke

Sometimes puns can be too cheesy for people and they prefer good old fashioned jokes. If you're one of those people, then we’ve got plenty of League of Legends jokes that will have you splitting at the sides.

Q: We would tell you a Pantheon joke but there are over 300 of them…

Q: Lee Sin walks into a bar… a chair… wait! Did we really nid-a-lee joke?

Q: What do Rammus and Malphite listen to?

A: Rock ‘n’ Roll! ...Ok

Rock and Roll Rammus and Malphite

Q: Why is Nautilus so good at killing people under towers?

A: Because he’s wearing a diving suit!

Q: Why can’t Gangplank play cards?

A: Because he’s always standing on the deck!

Q: Did you know that Alistar is dyslexic?

A: He always goes oom!

Q: What do you do to a toxic Zyra?

A: Repot them!

Q: How long does it take to save up enough money for a Locket?

A: Aegis

Q: What do you call Renekton wearing a vest?

A: An In-vest-igator!

Q: Why is Master Yi’s Q so buggy?

A: Because it’s “alpha” strike!

Q: What’s Lee Sin’s favorite game mode?

A: Blind pick!

Q: Where does Fiora water her plants?

A: En garden!

Q: How do you troll players in League of Legends?

A: Yorick roll them!

Q: How does Sona charge her phone?

A: With a Power Chord!

League of Legends Yo Momma Jokes

League of Legends Yo Mama Joke

What would League of Legends be without a few good yo momma jokes? A boring game that’s what! Just don’t let your mom hear these ones....

Yo momma so ugly she feared Nocturne!

Yo momma so fat, Fiddlesticks drained her and got diabetes!

Yo momma so fat, when she recalls all 3 lanes say missing!

So there are our top jokes to get your spirits up for the start of the new year and the new season. If we missed out your favourite joke, then be sure to mention it below!

League of Legends Bard Joke

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