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5 League of Legends Announcer Packs to Transform Your Game

Richard Heimer

1 st  February 2018

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Are you tired of the same LoL announcer telling you there’s 30 seconds until minions spawn?

With so many custom skins in League of Legends available, why can’t you change the default announcer voice? Just imagine how cooler the game would be if you could pick your own announcer voice pack. Other games like DotA 2 allow you to do it, so why can’t you do it in LoL? Well, actually, you can!

Just like it’s possible to install custom skins in League of Legends, it’s also possible to modify and pimp up your announcer pack. No longer do you need listen to the constant drone of that annoying default announcer. After all, if you've been playing LoL for long enough then you’ve probably already heard it a thousand times or more.

To spice up your League of Legends games and make them a bit more exciting, we’re looking at 5 of the best League of Legends announcer packs. From Rick and Morty to Big Shaq, we’ve got all the funniest announcer packs to brighten up your games.

To get things started let’s take a look at one of the funniest announcer packs out there. Wubba lubba dub dub!

**To install these announcer packs, follow the instructions on the individual Reddit threads or YouTube videos**

Rick and Morty Announcer Pack

The first League of Legends announcer pack on our list is this hilarious Rick and Morty themed pack. Get schwifty on the rifty with this awesome collection of custom announcer sounds that you’ll instantly recognize from your beloved characters. Featuring all the classic lines including “Yo what up my glib globs?” and “Calm down Morty!” this pack will take your game to another dimension.

If you’re a big fan of the cartoon and want to experience the delight of Rick every time you get a kill, then look no further. This announcer pack is sure to help you make those 200+ IQ plays and claim your spot as the most intelligent gamer.

Big Shaq Announcer Pack

The next League of Legends announcer pack on our list is the super popular Big Shaq pack. Based on the internet meme sensation that produced the unforgettable “man’s not hot” track, this pack has all the highlights of the song to spice up your game.

Including the popular lines “Man’s not hot, man can never be hot” and “SKRRRRRRRRRR PA PA PA” you’ll have a hard time trying not to laugh while dominating. The pack actually gets funnier the more kills you get especially the triple and quadra kill sounds.

**WARNING**: If you do decide to use this announcer pack then remember, you won’t be able to take off your jacket. Man can never be hot.

DJ Khaled Announcer Pack

If you’re looking for a motivational League of Legends announcer pack, then look no further. Featuring various sayings and catchphrases from DJ Khaled himself, this announcer pack was made to motivate you while on the rift. If DJ Khaled screaming his name doesn’t motivate you then don’t worry, there’s plenty of other nice catchphrases. From “put this money in your savings account” to “I appreciate you”, let the soothing voice of DJ Khaled guide you to victory.

Do you want to add ANOTHER ONE to your kill streak? Well you’re bound to with this announcer pack. Click the link above and follow the instructions to download and install this beautiful announcer pack on your game.

Imaqtpie Announcer Pack

Do you play Heimerdinger a lot in League of Legends and want the donger king himself to help you in your time of need? Then you need this hilarious Imaqtpie announcer pack. Featuring various sayings from the ex-pro player, this pack will have you in stitches when you hear these phrases.

The pack includes sayings such as “HEY GET BACK HERE” and “that’s what i’m talking about baby!”. If you love a bit of toxic profanity in your game to help you get in the mood, then this is the announcer pack for you. To listen to the king himself simply download the package above and check the description in the embedded YouTube video.

Tyler1 Announcer Pack

The final League of Legends announcer pack on our list has to be this Tyler1 pack. If you don’t know who Tyler1 is, then you’ve obviously not been playing LoL for long enough. Known for his outrageous streams and toxicity, Tyler1 is a popular player in the LoL community, and now he’s available as an announcer pack.

If you want to unleash some toxicity in your game without the fear of being banned, then this is the way to do it. Featuring a whole array of obscurities and rage compilations, this announcer pack will certainly leave you pumped to the max.

Now we’ve been through all the top announcer packs, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite one and get it installed. Not only will it make your games more interesting, but they’re all much better than the default announcer.

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