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12 League of Legends Stats to Blow your Fedoras Off

Richard Heimer

15 th  February 2018

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League of Legends is a massive game with an incredible community and a huge development team behind it. It might have only been around for just over 8 years but League of Legends is already full history and impressive stats. To celebrate the start of the new year, we thought we’d give you some mind-blowing League of Legends stats to inspire you to do great things. With so many League of Legends stats to choose from, we’ve whittled them down to the top 10. So, hold onto your hats, because your minds are about to be blown! 

League Of Legends Stats To Impress your Friends

1. During the 2016 World Championships, 181,762 minions were killed throughout the tournament (RIP minions!) with Cloud 9’s Sneaky breaking the all-time record of creep score in a single game with 690 last hits!

2. According to one of the developers Steve Mieczkowski, Singed the Mad Chemist, was the first champion ever to be created in the game. He might have been the first champion created, but he was actually the 18th champion to be released after the initial beta in February 2009.

3. In the 2016 World's Pick’Em only 1 person out of 1,969,087 participants scored a perfect Pick’Em and guessed the outcome of every match correctly. The lucky winner received 2 poro summoner icons and all 3 ultimate skins (DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr and Pulsefire Ezreal) worth an impressive $65 USD!

4. The champion Teemo was actually inspired by an emoticon with a terrifying grin. With just the grin from an emoticon to work with, the developers at Riot have definitely created a character which players either love or hate. It might be hard to believe this fact, but if you look closely, the name Teemo is actually an anagram of the world emote!

5. The Urf the Manatee skin was both the most expensive and cheapest skin available in the store. Released on April 1st 2010 as part of a running joke about an unreleased champion Urf, the skin was listed in store for an eye-watering 5000 RP! The week after the skin was reduced to only 50 RP which many players instantly snapped up to add to their skin collection. All earnings from the sale of the skin were donated to a charity foundation protecting hunted manatees.

6. In September 2016 Riot announced in an interview that they had reached the 100 million monthly players milestone. Considering they had 67 million monthly players in 2014, they’ve almost doubled their monthly player base in 2 years! With League of Legends getting bigger every year the game shows no signs of slowing down.

7. The official odds of witnessing a pentakill in game are 1 in 150 matches while getting a pentakill yourself is even higher at 1 in 1500 matches. Now obviously by the laws of statistics and averages, it doesn't mean they happen EVERY 150 or 1500 matches but on average that's how often they occur. The champion most likely to score a pentakill in game is Master Yi with Jinx and Katarina in 2nd and 3rd place.

8. The sound effects for the champion Zac such as his bounces and abilities were made from dog food and beans inside a condom slapped against a wall. As disgusting as it might sound you can’t say it doesn't make a good squishing noise!

9. The Unranked tier has the highest AFK rate with 10% of all matches containing at least 1 player who is AFK. Combining all the tiers together, the Brazilian server region has the highest AFK rate overall with a worrying 11.1%. If you thought your matches were full of AFKers, then it could be worse!

10. The most common skin in League of Legends is Unchained Alistar with around 330,000 people owning the skin. The skin is still obtainable today for free by subscribing to Riot’s YouTube channel. In 2nd place is Riot Girl Tristana with around 320,000 owners. This skin is also free from liking Riot’s Facebook page. Now you’ve got plenty of awesome League of Legends stats to tell your friends, be sure to impress them with a super rare League of Legends skin from our skin store! Click below to view our huge range of exclusive skins.

11. The League of Legends World Championship is the largest eSports event in the world by a considerable margin. At the 2017 World Championships, viewers watched an incredible 4,294,967,295 hours of footage throughout the event. Not only is that an insane amount, but we're also questioning how much free time people have on their hands.

12. In January 2018 League of Legends was the most watched video game on with a total of 88 million hours! That's more streaming hours than Fornite (45M) and Overwatch (32M) combined. If you didn't believe LoL was as popular as it is then there's an impressive stat to think about. Just think of how many millions of people around the world tune in to watch Imaqtpie feed in the bot lane!

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